Art: New Inventory, Crafting and Container GUI

Here’s some renders of how we’re going to implement the containers GUI, with a more finalised visualisation. I previously detailed some of the functionality here, check that post if you’re interested in how it’ll work. For now, here’s some shiny stuff!

Also, if you’re feeling brave at trying to interpret my working files, here’s a flat (for development, not final visuals) visual for different panels and how they could look:


Really digging the trading setup. It seems very intuitive!

Looks quite neat, refine is making iron ore into iron bars for example isnt it? or maybe a sort of enhancement system to items.

also it seems you changed the ‘‘tokens’’ to ‘‘glyphs’’ i personally loved the name token more, hope its only temp to call it glyphs :smile:

I disagree glyph is better :kissing_heart:


I agree, I like glyphs better too. Especially because they are what? The first oortphabet letter of their name? That is so cool!

Edit: I read this thread first. So I didn’t know you guys had talked about that stuff already in the other thread.

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I’m not seeing examples of raw material, do they get a separate container (or containers)? (Or just no icons yet? :P)

Big fan of the icon style, especially the perspective on the arrowheads

Actually, this is a cool bit I didn’t mention: all items/blocks/props within the inventory are being rendered as 3D models. We want items and the inventory to feel weighty, solid and tangible, not a load of weightless little sprites like most games (I’ve cited Hearthstone as a great example of weighty UI, this is the kind of approach we’re going for).


They all look great,I don’t understand what the Beacon one is yet?

I really like the slight curvy edges on the UI. Definitely adds a bit of subliminal atmoshphere.


I have the weirdest kind of ■■■■■ now…

i meant “b o n e r”

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I love the parallax in the first couple of pictures! will the gui look like that in game? I’d love to have my windows a bit layered like that to keep things fresh looking.

They’ve mentioned previously that you have to add people’s tokens to the beacon to let them access it for building and whatnot. I’m assuming that’s what this screen does.

That makes sence,thanks!