Art: Race 01 - Family reunited - 3D

Hi guys,
the first pass on the female 3D model is done. I’m share with you the Male and Female together in harmony ready to break some rocks! :smile:
Get ready because she is coming in game very soon!


Can’t wait to see them in game!

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Love it,can’t wait till it comes out!!

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Good to see they’re ready for action. Can’t wait until they’re finally implemented. :smiley:

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:purple_heart: :sparkles:


Hello nostalgia >.>

I remember playing neopets so many years ago lol. Baby lupin is best lupin


love it :smiley:




I really love this race! I’m probably gonna play this race unless you make an even more awesome race :stuck_out_tongue:


Here we see the visual representation of the Mortalus OorTerainian. More commonly known as the Terain, these are strong hearty people. It is said that long ago, when the young races had not yet left their worlds, the Oort came upon them first, and used them as a good, solid source of manual labor, spreading the Terain’s across the Oortiverse. When The Collapse occured, a people that was once connected fell into silence even from itself.

Over time, the Terain grew into a sizeable number, and are the most common of all the races.


Now that’s a back story,I don’t like that the Oort used them like slaves.

But it would fit into the picture^^

Yes true but I’ve always thought of the Oort like…
The Oort where a highly intelligent and peaceful race of humanoids,they settle on distant planets because their home world had died long ago. They never just settle on one planet,because they needed things from multiple planets at all times. If they need gold they’d go to Agabab,if they needed food and water they went to Versatel, for it was the most life filled world. Everything was going well for the thriving race,until they discovered a world filled with giant beast with power beyond any thing they had seen before, they called Titans. They tried to go back throw the portal,but it was to late;Titans burst through the portals,killling Oortians everywhere. The Titans spread throw all the portals the Oortians had created. They rampaged throw the universe killing all the Oort in every world they found them on. Until there where no more Oort to kill,they where gone,on every world,in every universe. The Oort where extinct,never to be seen again.

It’s highly likely that they will make an even cooler race. Also highly likely that this race will become cooler too :stuck_out_tongue:

Plot twist: They actually had companies which searched for new ressources they could mine without bothering about the consequences and as they were searching world after world they stumbled over the titans.
At the beginning they were friendly but as soon as they saw the ruthless Oort they went on a rampage and killed every Oort in existence.

You just found the propaganda the Oortian government gave their citizens.

Go to the Lore,to talk about it.
But I like the idea.

Says the one who brought it up in the first place >_> (not to mention with a post twice as long as mine.)

Sorry,I hadn’t made it in a topic until about a hour after I wrote it.

I like whats going on ! I feel like the female should have a chin that is less thick, so that she feels more feminine.

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I think this race is good g to be big and strong. So I think the chin is good for the race.