Art: Spitter Progression Update Concepts!

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New progressions for the spitter. As the theme of recent times in concept land, I am fancying up the creatures.

We’re focusing on the first level, mid and final level of each creature.


Why is nobody commenting on this?! I love the lil spitter with its cute rabbity ears…


I’m working this morning, I haven’t hardly taken a closer look yet! :frowning:

level5 number 2-3 are best!

i was working ^^ no we have here 16:00 and i have weekend now ^^

lvl 1 the first (original lvl 5) looks fine
lvl 5 Number 1 & 2 looks real great, Number 3 is ok but not my favorite and all other looks bad ^^

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Can see the smoke coming out of their snout…
And yes, the little ones are cute, follow you around and try to spit :slight_smile:

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I like the little tiny ones, they look like something I would gather a couple dozen of and keep them in a pit to drop dissidents into.

I’m liking Lvl 5 #'s 4 and 6 the best. The armor plating on the side makes they look like they’ve really evolved to become forces to be reckoned with.

Its so cute… Sad we need to Kill it

For level 1, I like number 3. And for level 5, I like numbers 1 and 6.

2 & 6 for level 5 are great! Nice work guys. :blush::+1:

Loving the looks of 4 and 6 on the level 5 version!

Oh. Well. I came here took a look. I liked the post. Had no time. But all the monster arts lately has been looking pretty damn cool. Some scary and some very beautiful/cute. Love thoose arts. Keep on making exellent art brother😊

why must you torture me with that evil thing!!! THE SPITTER IS EVILLLLLLLLL!!!