Art: Textured Creature

Coming soon…

Originally from this concept…


There is murder in his eyes…


It looks like a very derpy goat/chicken/dove/deer


I like it but could you please improve the mouth a little bit? it kinda looks like a derpy spore mouth :smiley:


dat mouth xD

I feel like it needs nostrils… this texture is really deer-like, and I think a deer nose would help.


I think what it needs are some tusks or sharp teeth. That would improve the mouth quite a bit :wink:

and I also think it would look waaaay better if the throat wasn’t so thick :slight_smile: @imihayati @ben @james

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aye terry are merciless creatures.

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Oh god does its mouth move? It just got 10x creepier XD OMG SOMEONE PUT A TOP HAT AND A MONCOLE ON HIM PLZ :smile:

The horns look like rocks punctured through its brain o-o


The stripes on its legs make it look a bit more like a lizard, spots may give it a more mammalian look :wink:

Tauntaun? is that you?

Your concept art looks a bit furrier than the actual rendering, and I agree the horns don’t match. They do look like rocks. And it does need nostrils, unless it breaths through its skin like a worm.

Also, why is the creature still so boxy looking? I thought this game was going beyond the cube. That’s why I thought the characters were so beautiful.

Well anyways, all hail the Horned Gahtan!

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Ducktails! badam badamdam Ducktails!

Btw. is it only the Texture coming or also the Animation? @imihayati

Love it! =D

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Hahahaha those eyes. This guy is too far gone.