Art: Trapdoor concept

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Trap doors. Basically doors but on the floor. Mind=blown

Weekly Dev Update: 2016 June 17th - Locks, Resource Regen and more

So… a Hatch door? XD

Will they be activated upon standing on them or do you need to interact to open them


I guess ‘trapdoor’ was just a placeholder name. It opens as a door manually.


Look good :slight_smile:

Will there be also some in other materials then wood?
Like stone or metall (I expect metal to appear).

Besides, do you also plan to implement “secret doors”?

I mean doors that are hidden and look nearly exactly like the wall you place it in?
It could be a nice feature to hide secret pathes (in natural landscape and also if people want to hide something in their houses?


Doors on the floor reminds me of how a friend used to describe skylights as “window up”


Im in love wiht the 5th and 6th one and 3th


Coolio. I was wondering when we’d be getting trapdoors :stuck_out_tongue:. Added it to the collection.


They look awesome as always^^

But I’m still sad that the (trap-)doors are only 2 wide. I know why but still, that would be so awesome^^


Really like all of the designs for these!

I hope they all make it into the game at some point! :wink:


i need the purple ones :smiling_imp:


Cool, but wasn’t this in the game already? Or is this just refining


Previous hatches where placeholder art.


ah ok thanks for clearing that up


so I assume you’re not planning to pour time and resources into making trapdoors wider.


They can be up to 2x8.


I think he means sizes like 4x4 or 8x8.
Which would be awesome but a real challenge for the devs I think.