Art: Weather VFX Update [Gif heavy!]


Same as you
I hate worm


Ohhhhh @Minyi, you are the God(ess) of Art :slight_smile:
I love the First 3: The one with these Wobbles and the Worms looks a little unnerving, but cute at the same time.
the second one with the Jellyfishes… What do i have to say, there are Flying Jellyfishes before your eyes xD…
and the third… THE THIRD reminds me so much of the Giant Centipedes Boss in Muramasa Rebirth, i Love it :).

Could we get a Planet with giant Dragon Ball Z/Naruto Style Bossfights and the Third Weather Effect? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


was this meant to be a pun? If so, you are just terrible :joy:
regardless…these are :ok_hand:


Love it all! It will be super obvious when you forget your atmosphere resistance brews, then!