Art: Weather VFX Update [Gif heavy!]


Hello hello!

Apologies I hadn’t been posting on the forums lately. I don’t even know when was the last I had been able to upload something. I had been busy lately working on the new VFX for the weather system. But since some people had been curious to see more of the new stuff floating around, I’ve decided to make a post on it.

Elemental Atmosphere VFX
Weathers/effects that will appear on elemental worlds. The ‘in your face’ aspect is deliberate in that it is meant to debilitate players (and ultimately kill them) when venturing into worlds without the right atmospheric protection.

Fullscreen Elemental VFX concepts
Fullscreen effects of elemental VFX also explored - this is extremely expensive and remains just a concept for now.

Testing 194 - Report issues here

Omg both beautiful and frightening. :sunglasses:


Epic things i see here. im just worried about the screen getting to much blocked by the effect :frowning:


I think that is the idea. Your supposed to die under these conditions, without atmosphere skills.


Yeah but i hoped it wont be that severely blocked with skills learned or maybe its the near death state ? the lower HP u have the more blocked the screen is? :slight_smile:


I really like them. I can tell what each one is very easily. Love it.


It will be brew and skill related. The idea being, if you go to the world unprepared you’ll struggle.


:DDD Couldn’t ask for a better way to force use for these guys (the brews) a bit more!


I think these are animations for you getting damage and being defeated. With atmosphere skills it will probably be scaled down.
That’s how I understand what has been said here.


wowza! awesome effects! So for the elemental stuff… are they constant or intermittent? Would there be a way to “take cover” so to speak to wait them out / recover from their effects?

It would add an interesting survival mechanic to be able to hide in a cave or building for shelter from severe storms ^^


The effects will be lowered and eventually disappear the more protection you have against it.


sweet :slight_smile: so it will generally be really a lot of effort at the beginning to go to dangerous worlds.


The elemental rain like the fire rain will likely damage players and it would help to take cover.


So when is all of this stuff going to be implemented?

Cause if we’re going to need environmental protection skills, it means skill trees will need revamped (again).


they are allready planning on that


Wow, nice job with these! I especially love the first four ambient weather effects, as well as the other fire-themed ones throughout the post. I’ve added all these to the Dev Art archive! (It’s going to be a while until I actually get this thing updated into a more friendly format)


I love these, but feel like that very first one…I’ll just avoid the entire planet. I can’t stand the little floating catapillery things :nauseated_face:


Man this game has amazing artists, and developers in general!


I think this might be a first for me but I gotta be honest and say those don’t look very good. They have no depth to them. They all look like some sort of splash screen or overlay. Maybe it’s because I’m viewing them on my phone but they just don’t look integrated in. Love the idea though and fully support its progression. :sweat_smile:
Strike that!!! Reverse it!!! Just viewed them on my computer and most of them look great…although some are still overlayish.


Its intentional