As a Miner, rather than a Fighter, it's a good bit more difficult to keep our beacons fueled

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It seems to me that you need Fresh Vital Essence in every type of beacon fuel, and the only way to craft Fresh Vital Essence is by getting body parts from creatures. The only way to gain body parts from creatures is to fight them, which poses difficulty for those with a pure mining build. I can be one-hit by most creatures in the game due to my allocation of skill points, so it can become a serious grind for me, now, to keep my beacons above water.

Fueling beacons is kind of a really important aspect of this game, and I think it would be good to keep it neutral difficulty for any sort of build, rather than give combat builds more advantage there.

I know this is currently a, “make a new character who specializes in fighting” or, “trade your Ancient Essence for Fresh Essence to a pure fighter” sort of situation, but I feel like keeping beacons fueled shouldn’t be so lopsided.


Edit: I just now realized Minor Beacon Fuel exists. I was looking at the second tier. This only requires foliage. I’m glad for that at least, but this is a bit difficult still because I just tested and you can’t use more than one in a beacon at at time. So your beacons have a maximum life of two weeks. Welp.

There will be a beacon fuel shop up soon, keep u posted :wink:


Where :slight_smile: i buy all

Plans are in motion to develop vena v, it’s a hidden gem perfect for that galactic safari at the moment but we say, why not commercialise a little corner of it?

Ps running around as Axlotl at the moment, Prome3us retired when the new world dawned but I’ll bring him back soon

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This is where things are going to start going down the community route rather than the solo player doing everything themselves and hoarding their coin for no reason.

There will be options for players who would rather not take part in the community at all but they are not available at the moment. (Private Worlds)


I understand your take on it, and wanting this to be a social, community game. I just figured I’d voice my concerns about this as a generally solo player in games who has gotten more involved in this community. Guess I know what to spend my coins on. :wink:

So uh… anyone want to trade their Fresh Essence for my Ancient Essence? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I’m curious! Will private worlds function in sort of the same way single player Minecraft worlds function? If so, will there be ways to invite specific players to join?

Just out of interest, how is a solo player defined in terms of the game. Is it someone who has no interest in interacting with anyone else whatsoever or someone who doesn’t contribute to community builds etc ?

Interacting. This mostly includes buying, selling items and communicating with other players.

That is the intention.

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Oh ok, I thought of myself as a solo player but I do all of the things you just mentioned

I have some Fresh I could trade, but am well overstocked on Ancient. How much are you needing and do you have anything else for trade? I’d be interested in Ancient Tech (Any Tier), Coal, Titanium, Foliage, Seeds, or Wood.

Hmm… what would your going-rate be on Coal? or Titanium? per Fresh Essence.

1:1 for soft coal. A full smart stack of Fresh for 50 Titanium Ore. Or your counter offer. I really don’t need anything, just offering to help.

I’m not sure if it’s too much to ask, but would you do two smart stacks for 100 Titanium ore, by chance? I’ve mined up a good bit of that over time without using it.

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Deal. Where would you like to meet?

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I’m in the middle of a mining trip. I’ll take a little bit to get back. I can meet wherever you wish, though.

Unless you’re doing a full pacifist play through, you should be getting some sources of vital essance though. Lvl 1 wild life drops yield pleanty of fleshy bits, you still need tallow, bones, and meat to survive, right? How much vital essence are you requireing?


I’m calling P.I.T.A. You should be ashamed. fake scoff


Some isn’t enough. I can easily kill the small ones. I’m looking to get the highest tier of Beacon fuel to last me for a long time, as I sometimes take large breaks between playing waiting for new releases and such. It’ll give me peace of mind.