As a new player, what is the best way to get coins?

Hunt groups are more by time, not place, since you pretty much can go anywhere once you’re linked up to a portal network.

Most of the hunts that happen regularly nowdays should be listed at the end of this post if you’re interested. They announce through both the discord hunt bot and though ingame communites and events chat, you just need to find where it happens and be there on time.

Also, @HOST has a sov planet with a portal to all 64 regions for exp if you need a quick boost in levels for skill points to be able to do stuff on high tier worlds, just grab 2-3 teaching pies and head there.

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I can imagine that that would require a good hammer. What hammer would you suggest getting before going there?

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Forge shops list tools as T1 to T7 (and if you need strength brews) to tell if that tool can one hit blocks on that tier world. The calculations are based off of max damage skills(max power & said tool mastery, said tool epic, damage epic) so you may need some skill points to get those or use a higher tier tool.
Once you have that, those tools should be able to one hit rocks so you can just dig straight until you expose some gem/ore seams, which should just take a second hit to break.

Usually you get either speed or durability variants on those AoE tools. Dura is good for when you’re short on money since they last longer, but speed should net you more money in the same time once you have a decent amount of coins to back you since they mine much faster.

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My recommendation for no-defect gem 3x3s at a good price would be LilBit Shop - A40 in DK Mall. Some start at 6,200, and many have auto-harvest, which I personally find very useful. :slight_smile: Nearby, Giorgio Oortmani has great forged tools as well - for starting out, he sometimes does have some lower ranked/more affordable ones for sale. Those two stores are my go-tos for hammers right now.

Edit: Once you have a few more points in, for the T6 mining, feel free to use my network of mines - Paka’s Palace, off TNT Alcyon. Have portals to all types of gem mines. The amethyst mines are the most profitable I’ve found.

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I’ve got some magic beans that I’m willing to swap for 1,000,000 rough oort.

I have about 200k on my main character but it could be spent in minutes even on things I consider quite basic, because I’d probably want a lot of stock to do me for a while. I don’t know how much coin I’ve had and spent over all my play time but it certainly hasn’t been as high as some more dedicated players.

Honestly, I can’t say what other players do for their millions, because I don’t know exactly; what I do, is what me and @Nightstar already discussed at some length, ages ago on this thread:

See also for some context:

Mining for fossils (medium/large) and minting the results with a fully coiled Chrysominter is what I still do for most of my coin on my main character, as I have not owned or maintained a serious shop for a long time now; however, on the alt I have been playing from scratch with my partner has probably amassed/spent more than 100k by now even only in a short time of playing.

@bucfanpaka’s recommendation for 3x3 mining is very good too. And it’s not only gems and coal; the metals, especially silver and copper, always seem to be in good demand. It all adds up.

Edit: Before I forget. Wheat and oat farms tuned for high yield can make a fair bit of passive money every day if you have the patience for farming and to then wait for the wheat to become flour. I don’t know how much market demand there is for bags of flour, but at their base worth thrown in the minter, they’re already pretty good for a very low amount of effort, albeit boring effort.


Personally i use a fair bit of coins buying metals, gems and fossils since I hate mining and don’t do that. I also buy a lot of stuff that I am too lazy or hate to gather myself xD


Me and the friend I was talking about are going hunting right now, would you happen to know of any hunting groups that would be leaving pretty soon?

GTG should be doing a hunt in 10 minutes. easiest way to find the way there would be through TNT megahub

It is on a T6 planet tho, so do keep that in mind

Yeah, I would not have time to make it there even if I did want to try that.

Brown Town does daily newbie friendly hunts at 2021-01-18T20:00:00Z. It’s a good place to start if you’re new and just getting into hunting. Gets you a lot of rough oorts as well for money or for your own portal :slight_smile:


The pro move mentioned above is large fossils.

A fully coiled minter I think turns each large fossil into roughly 58c. That’s after doing mass craft in an extractor to ancient vital essence and minting the essence. A full stack of 900 essence is like 3500c.

My wife and I have about 16 fully powered extractors, assume that’s 30 mass crafts each, that’s 8,640 large fossils. Finishes up in about a day. It produces 133 SS of AVE, or 465,500 coin.

It’s why we don’t hesitate to spend money. There’s always more.


Nerf incoming…

ps. Which planet is best for large fossil?


Unlikely, the “pro move” described above is rather misleading. Yes, extracting essence from fossils is indeed a pro move but that is because of the exp it rewards, not the coin.

Large fossils are constantly in demand by a few players offering on average about 45 coins each. The spark cost per fossil extracted is about 1-2c each, assuming you have the optimum number of coils on each extractor (10 coils or thereabouts).

So now that 58c profit has become about 11c per fossil. You had to invest in about 16x24 coils, and a fully coiled chrysominter. You will burn around 1.25 mil spark each time you do this.

So at approximate market values (not including any tax incurred) you have now invested around 500k in coils, about 15k in spark and almost 400k into fossils to start this process. Each craft takes 2 hours so that’s more like 3 days before they are all done and you’ve made yourself 100k profit at the very best. It will then take you at least a half an hour to load the machines with mass crafts again and mint all of your stacks and stacks of essence. Hopefully by this time you’ve got your hands on another 8,640 fossils to extract but you’ll most likely need the coins from the minter to refill the fossil request basket.

However, with teaching pies you will now have the pleasure of receiving 2,880,000 experience (14.4 levels) in a matter of moments. This is the reason people extract and mint essence from fossils, the meagre amount of profit made for the time and effort spent doing this is a bonus.


Most Exos are very large fossil dense.

As far as nerfing: it’s been that way for a couple years at this point. I think AVE is the go-to cash source for most folks. If they changed it to a different system, ie: quests, then I could see AVE getting reduced to compensate. Before the minter coin was footfall only and not as broadly available. Putting money into more hands has definitely helped as far as I can tell.

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I’ll be returning soon again from a long time in the hospital. Ur welcome to setup a shop in nova golda and some things. U both are. Just pm me here

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Unless you mine the fossils yourself…


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I was hoping you might suggest this. :rofl:

How many hours of mining do you think it will take you to collect 8,640 fossils?

I already have more than 10-15k fossils and I did not use them for anything :smiley:
But I won’t mint them :slight_smile:


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Haha, in which case, yes you may as well extract and mint them. Great xp and a bit of coin as well.

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