Ashen Taupe Rocks

Hey all :slight_smile: Im new here loving this game!
I’ve been seeing a lot request baskets for Ashen Taupe but they usually are full. Since I am poor and will be farming the new exo for a few days I’ll set up a few baskets right next to my portal and will fill as/if they go :slight_smile: 1c each! Accessed through illuminaughty then go to Brandy wine! Thanks


Welcome to boundless. Kudos on hitting the ground running. Youll make a good buck on this particular stone.


I buy and got 6 basket at my place

I think I tried to find your place and I couldn’t. I still haven’t quite figured my way around through the portal systems yet. And the baskets I did find were all full. It’s prolly easier and faster for you to come to me maybe? :slight_smile:

Are these still available? :o

I have to go back today before it leaves I can put anymore i get aside?

Yeah :]

If you get a bunch I can probably also buy all