Astronomical events

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Well, perhaps we may hope more?
I mean real meteorites, which fall to ground and make impact craters. It can bring some rare materials like a meteoric iron.

Of course, meteorites would not damage buildings under the beacons, and, perhaps, buildings outer this zones.


Meteors containing rare materials would definitely be awesome, it will be funny when people start fighting over them :stuck_out_tongue:


Great idea, make this a thing!

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It would be really neat if they contained minerals and things from the other server/worlds so you could be mining it and be like “this must have come from yugen”


A mix of that with some “meteorite-special” ore … Could be needed for special rare skins for items (makes exploration more important :wink: )

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People would see it falling and race from all corners of the map


People isn’t always online for race. And the map is too huge for “see from all corners”

It doesnt have to be a manditory thing that all people on the server would equally race to. More like a rare special occurrence that has some extra perks.

Right. However IMHO exploring is more interesting and less disappointing than racing

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mmkay, this probably won’t make it into the final game, but what if you could look at the stars and do some divination?

like, you could say epic stuff like, “look! the planets align! the Titan can be found by following their point!”

or something as stupid as “oh, look, it looks like rain tomorrow.”

you could have a special portal that only opens when a cosmic event happens, even. it could lead to a treasure trove, or be full of monsters that start invading your world.

but anyway, that’s my Idea. divination.


O, special portals or some another is a brilliant idea!

omg, Sylaerith and I have similar profile pics . . .
a black cat with a white suit collar and a (bow)tie.

sounds legit,
there could be special raid bosses,
titan spawns,
invasions by tame-able creatures,


Astronomical events: Yes please.

Absolutly yes !!!111!11one

@James, @Ben please :slight_smile:

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