Atlas Bug?

Well never seen numbers before it’s me or a bug? Already mentioned?

Yeah that’s strange…I came here to see if anyone else suddenly didn’t have any regions saved and were discovering their own regions for the first time? Apparently I’ve never been to my own home base, or any regions through Tigg’s Tunnels (I use them often)…

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So all my Atlas with resources on show me the same thing so yes a bit strange :thinking:

i have had this happen to me to. as autumn dells atlas and stew man, i can say i got full atlases for many planets. when i go to a region though, it says i havent discovered it before, yet under it the text says 50/50 explored. i go to my planet tab and sure enough, i still have my regions. pretty weird if ya ask me. havent played with atlases in a while so i dont know how those are affected that much yet

Same issue here 0/50 first and a bit later second notification 50/50 regions found and that for any planet. But for the Atlas never seen that before. Not affecting the gameplay :wink:

It would be cool if it showed the regions discovered as a number!

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Good idea Dk :+1:

Is this only happening when augments are applies to Atlases?

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Yes when you pull out that icon desapear immediately.
It seems a line of code in the Atlas script takes into account the same thing as the upgrades for bombs or weapons. Maybe i’m wrong.