Atlas forged

Be great to forge magnet or light on them


Could add completely new boons too, like faster movement speed, jump height etc utility skills :smiley:


no, thats not good… you see more /better Hotspots when you turn the light off…
ive you want light and auto loot, go and buy a loot stick…

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Actually works better under light. The spots get bigger at dark and make you think there is more surface with the resource than it actually is

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This could be cool, maybe have one that makes it so while you are on the appropriate planet (whichever it is) it gives you protection in armor, atmospheric or something. Maybe if its completed?

I really do like the atlas’s and if we had the ability to add utility to them (besides resource tracking) I think that would be really cool.

You wouldn’t be forced to use a forged atlas, your standard crafted ones would function as normal.

Yes it would be a great idea to hold an atlas while gathering or mining with a added light effect be great better then switching back and forth in the dark what u think @james

It’s nice to see no naysayers yet. Last time I mentioned it people yelled at me. :joy: the whole it takes away from forgers and Atlas shops

theres a bug with making an atlas. after activating it it says that the player who activated it forged it and it isn’t true!

Maybe forge it with a +Darkness buff?

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