Atlas on a Plinth

Seriously, how amazing would a completed atlas slowly spinning on a plinth look? Please make this dream a reality? :slight_smile:

@Simoyd has an atlas shop :wink:

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Oh you might know the answer to this then.

If I explore an entire planet with an Atlas - and someone buys it, does that atlas stay fulled discovered or does that person get a blank atlas?

full thats why u can sell ur atlases with `100% covarage :slight_smile:

sorry I didn’t link you right away, I was in a phone call :stuck_out_tongue:
there should be connections in a few places including moebius plaza and portal seekers (not sure which planet it connects from though)

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Unfortunately we can’t put items on plinths. Would be nice though.

You can put them on a selling plinth and just set the price extortionately high. They do rotate afaik, with the exception of the atlas for the planet you are currently on.

Standard plinths will at some point become a display stand - it’s just not implemented yet.