Atlas Rotation

Please let the player have a way to rotate holding atlas, so we can stand in one place and browse the whole map. My toon feet are tired :frowning:


Not sure how easy it is to code, but it seems reasonable that we could hold one trigger to view the atlas, then press another button to either rotate the atlas or enter Atlas Look mode.

In the past, I wrote this suggestion with this thought in mind, about rotating Atlases :

I still want to be able to build a station that displays a giant galaxy map that you can drop in completed atlases to fill in your galactic map.
This would be awesome to just view planets and check them out, but also a utility that allows you to map out portals you opened to see your connections and pathways. Something like an interface in the map that you select planet A and trace a route to planet B, it would show you how many blink secs it is, the portal size needed, or the best route to setup portals to get to that planet.

Just my wild imagination at work while I am at work haha.



I want the system map on the Normandy from Mass Effect.

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Some advanced atlases with features like this (and more) would be cool!

The map system from Warframe, with planets circling.

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I wouldn’t mind if we could “open” the atlas so it covers entire screen as a flat map of the planet.


Like a Harry Potter pensive!

Haha yeah something like that, I had to google this because it has been so long since I have watched Harry Potter xD

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This is a great Idea.