🌎 Atlas Shop - New low pricing! Thousands sold! Get yours now!

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Thanks for the Alturnik atlas, it has really helped with finding the hard coal and the mushrooms.


Tell you what, I’ve fallen for your deals! I’ll take a full set please! :joy:


New low prices!!!


399 coin for home worlds (Solum, Therka, Berlyn, Vena V)
499 coin for moons (Epsilo, Septerfon, Andooweem, Elopor)
599 coin for level 3 planets (Vulpto, Munteen VII, Nasharil, Alturnik)


I am selling the entire planet. You give me 4b coin, and I will say that you get to have the planet. I have no actual authority, but, someone will recognize your ownership.


ur a graphics designer. At least give people an official certificate from the chivlet foundation authority of planets.


Oh, great idea! ON IT.


For the reduced price of all the coin you have, I will give you a planet and no certificate.


Moved my Munteen shopping center portal to the Vulpto shopping center: In the south west on the 1st shopping floor:


This place came equipped with Atlases that I needed. Checkout was fast and easy. I’ll definitely be bringing my family here next time around.

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:


Shameless bump for those that don’t know it exists. Reasonable prices, fully revealed, always in stock! Get yours today!


I can’t edit the OP for some reason… so I guess I’ll just post this here:

In anticipation for new planets coming soon, the atlas shop has a new location with more room.

Prices for T3 planets have been lowered making prices now:

  • 399 coin for home worlds (Solum, Therka, Berlyn, Vena V)
  • 499 for all other current planets

I’ve moved some access points to my shop. My shop is now accessible from the following locations.

Portal Seekers Shopping Center - Vulpto

Ultima Hub

La Mancha Citadel

Aquatopia Hub


Always fully stocked! Get your atlas today!


Time and time again I misplace my pesky Atlases. I swear they have legs of their own (not really I’m just terrible at organizing things, have you seen the Gemporium Workshop?!?! A mess) This place is always stocked and has what I need. If I can change my original review, I would! I give this place a :+1:t4::+1:t4:


They need no legs.
They roll.


Ah so that’s how they get a round.


it’s an atlas-go-round kind of thing


it has come to my attention that my shop stands are totally borked and people are unable to buy atlases. Send me a message here or DM me on discord and I’ll hand trade any atlases you want for free =D