🌎 Atlas Shop - New low pricing! Thousands sold! Get yours now!

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Hello! I’m selling atlases that have 100% all regions revealed for all 12 current planets. I sold thousands of atlases and have maintained my stock level for months.

If you’re not sure what an atlas is, it’s basically a mini-map that you hold in your hand. You can put an item into an atlas to see a heat-map of where that resource is located on the planet. Heat-maps are updated from the server once every 24 hours (says James, although this may change in the future). You can also remove the item in the atlas and put a different item into the same atlas, thus atlases are reusable. There is currently no wear on atlases.


  • 399 coin for home worlds (Solum, Therka, Berlyn, Vena V)
  • 499 coin for all other planets (Epsilo, Septerfon, Andooweem, Elopor, Vulpto, Munteen VII, Nasharil, Alturnik)


The shop is fully stocked!!! There is a shelf behind each stand which has the heat-maps for common items so you can get a general idea what spawns where before you purchase:

I have collected all 600 regions on the current 12 planets. You can see the revealed atlases on display in my shop.


My shop is accessible from the following 4 places

Portal Seekers Shopping Center - Vulpto:

Ultima Hub:

La Mancha Citadel:

Aquatopia Hub:

Best of luck on your future mining endeavours!

Atlas trading/ Atlas store?
Atlas on a Plinth

Your shop is amazing!!!


Amazing work.
You are so ready for the update! I have so much work to do lol.
Excited for my atlases! :smiley:


I love the idea of selling maps! But I shall be out there completing my own :smiley:


Same! And there’s a pretty big payout when you get to 500 discovered locations… makes the effort even better!


oh forgot to mention big red signs cost 500000coins on plaza :smiling_imp:
joking love to have ya cant wait for my atlasses


Is it possible to pre-order a custom made for Therka & Septerfon?



Sadly I’m not giving discounts unless you get the full set. There should be plenty available in my shop when the patch drops. Feel free to swing by!


29 pre-orders have been paid for so far, and I have enough materials and production available to do 50 sets! Order now!


In a earlier patch all discovered regions was reset.

I had 45 region on Therka discovered, next time i checked it was 4.


If something dramatic like this happens, I’m happy to provide refunds.


I will definitely get the full set, @Simoyd


Atlas pre-orders will be ready for pickup around 6pm EST. Click here for timezone-independent countdown clock:



I’d like to order a complete set!!!


A full set is 28k if we hand-trade it. =D

I will have plenty available for purchase when I get home from work today (see countdown timer above)


Sweet deal. Grats on discovering all of the things and thanks for offering this to everyone.


Let me know when is a good time and where @Simoyd!!! :grin:


Preorders are ready for pickup! swing by any time tonight!

I’m online now, feel free to swing by!


Almost all preorders have been delivered. Shop is now fully stocked! Swing by if you want a fully revealed atlas!


Over 500 Sold! Get yours now!

(I promise this will be my last bump)