Atlas to show regions?

So i was playing with the Shadow Drakes the other day @Gunth @Dulki

And the three of us were discussing Atlases and the way regions (in general) work…

That gave @Gunth the idea which i heavily agree with…

  • Have regions somehow available upon the atlas itself once you have uncovered them - which leads to my own idea of…
  • Have a BIG pointer like an arrow or something to allow oyu to know where in relation to the topography on the atlas you actually are?

so i will do it as a poll (you are welcome to discuss)

  • Atlas should show region
  • atlas should show pointer of location
  • atlas should somehow show both
  • It’s fine how it is

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you are always exactly in the center of an open atlas


P.s i know its multy choice, this was not to be implied lol

ahh so oyu are actually where the reticle is @boundmore? i did not know this which was another reason for the poll

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precisely there, yes

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I would prefer to be able to show saved locations. Or add notes or something.

Why do you want to see the region? Do you mean the outline, name or both? An outline so you know when you can trigger a meteor could be useful I guess.


as i say the idea came about because Gunth metioned the thing about regions and then i was like yes there really needs to be a way to tell us where exactly we are (which was his point) and Dulki… kindof… agreed…

But since @boundmore answered that question i am ow fine with it…

But i agree there should be an ability to say this is nice location, save it for later or someway to implemeent co-ords of x location on the atlas… also a meteor line would be perfect :slight_smile:


Yeah, I think the atlas could be improved. We already can save locations and name them, which is super nice. And we can set a waypoint to a location, great. But it is not displayed on the atlas today. So I am not really missing too much functionality, but it could be more refined I guess.

The atlas was meant as a tool for finding resources, so I guess that is why it mostly does just that; displays resources. But It would be cool with some more features for the atlas.


It’s an atlas, not a mini-map :wink:
I like them the way they are honestly, just a view of the world with no bells and whistles, other than the whole resource finding thing I suppose :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Yeah, perhaps they just want to keep it simple. Simple is often good I guess. :thinking:


I wouldn’t be so against having a minimal pointer for where you are though… It’s just the regions thing I don’t like the sound of

i guess but the ammountof people playing the game now who say (in game)

err… how do i get to you??? err ok where the heck is that… errr… oh its co-ords? WTF? and then after about 20 mins of frustrated screaming they are finally calm ennough to hear you say y ou can pu in custom co-ords and be with me in 2 mins lol

so i think the mapping system does still need work personally

Is it possible to place a location marker into an atlas? Maybe that should be an option… kind of an oortian sat-nav :slight_smile:

“I’m here… X … I need to get to this location marker… Y”


trust you… perfect reply yet!

that sounds like a good solution and would also help if the debug mode is removed later (I think it will leave us when the game is stable and released)

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This is somewhat tangential but I noticed on testing that the Atlas shows a faint outline of bodies of water in unexplored regions now. Helps to decide where to explore next.