Atlas use on Exoplanets

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Hey devs, Exoplanets sound rad.

No plotting means no portals, no regen means they won’t last long (players will ravage them, meteorites bombard them, etc) and that to me is exciting!! (As long as they cycle in and out frequently enough, maybe overlapping cycles? I can elaborate if you need me to but I bet you already know / have it planned.)

Anyhow, the one thing I didn’t see answered, and forgive me if someone else already asked this and I somehow missed it - but will we be able to use Atlases on Exoplanets?

I know once the world fades into the Abyss you’d probably drop its data off the server which would wipe out Atlases… but maybe you could save a “final state” copy of the world in stasis that way those Atlases can reflect the “lost worlds” and be a cool collector item, without using much extra data? Would be something I think a few intrepid explorers could profit off of, and a vanity item people would be willing to pay to stick on their shelf!

Minitrophy off exoplanets for colectors

Nice idea. And I don’t think anyone has asked very many questions about the planets yet since it we still don’t know approximately when it will be. Just that it’s incoming. And we know when the next event will be and it’s adding new items in. So we’ve seen more questions on that.


This to me is my number one concern.

While i’m excited for exoplanets, if they release one at a time with a few weeks in between each release, than it will create artificial scarcity and punish those who aren’t first to get to all the resource hotspots first.

Here’s hoping it doesn’t come to that


Would really like if this would be the case.
“Unique” souvenirs from exoplanets :stuck_out_tongue:


Atlases can be used on the exo-planets, and you can save locations on them (since you need to with a warp augmented totem to even get there in the first place with a warp), and get progression rewards for discovering all regions of an exo-planet etc and add to your places world’s list…

but when the world is destroyed, all data about it will be removed, so all saved locations, all location tokens etc, and any atlases assigned to that world will be reset back to an empty unactivated atlas; the only thing that remains is the progression awarded so your xp doesnt suddenly go down if you had discovered all regions and then the world was deleted.

It was discussed being able to keep the atlas reflecting what the world used to look like, but considered not worth the effort/complexity it would add; planetary data is requested from the game server… which wouldnt exist any more, so we’d need new paths for the game servers to upload data somewhere before they get shut down that clients can request the data from instead, but even then there are more costs to be able to keep that data valid when things change (As they inevitably do) and that data requires migrating which there would be no game server to do any more as well. Even just knowing the name of the world requires us to keep and maintain data about what the world used to be which would need paths to be able to migrate when things change there too; just not worth the cost/complexity.

Exo planet atlas's going blank? Why?

Also regeneration might be disabled, but player regeneration bombs will still work :wink: (but even then, you wont be able to regenerate resource blocks as that is part of the global world regen disabled on the exo-planets).


But it would work for gleam!
Thats what i’m happy about :slight_smile:


I see.

Thank you for the info, kinda a shame…

Would it be possible to reduce the world’s data to literally the size of the atlas (since no one would ever be able to change it, the little sphere would be fine) and possibly convert it into a new item called “relic atlas” perhaps, that has no server side updating or anything? It merely holds the final picture of the Atlases exterior (no need to allow items to go inside these after all) and the planet name?

I do realize that’s extra work, but I think players would be really happy with having those?

It’s worth a thought anyhow, if it can’t be done then oh well :cry:


What about expired type of atlas that doesn’t need world data from servers? just an image (like screenshot) centered on 0,0 coordinates and saved for view (no rotating atlas so, just an icon for atlas displayed in storage or stand, and larger ones for when equipped and interacted with; no need for saved location and stuff, only plain map showing land, water/lava and colors).


Yeah, that’s what I meant, though it could be a full spherical image and thus still able to rotate around for coolness sake maybe :slight_smile:


I wish I had known this before I went and mapped the last three or five Exoplanets… :frowning:

I’ll admit, that one part was a little bit disappointing to me, as I wanted to make a little showcase of the old exoplanets I’d managed to fully map out.

Was about to make a new thread on it, but saw this in suggested.

I know it’d add extra work, but as Buugi said above; It would really make a very nice memory of the ‘lost’ exoplanets of planetary-pinball passed.

EDIT: Yeah, I know it’s been five months since last post, but I figured it’d be dumb to make a brand new thread about it when this already exists.


I agree with you - but I guess that’s probably obvious :slight_smile:


Someone wants to do something to make atlas more valuable?! I’m all for it!


It would mean that mapping out an entire exoplanet wouldn’t make the time spent a waste either. :joy:


I’m just about to stop doing it because they aren’t selling. I can fully map an exoworld and get 1 or 2 sales, which doesn’t pay for the cost of doing it. I’ll likely still do it on commission.


Bringing this up again, since I had a thought that might please people with no losses.

Instead of the Atlas conserving all the information about the Exoplanet that has vanished, why not simply show the regular non-dynamic satellite map on the globe?

I mean, it could make an Exoplanet Atlas for an expired planet unable to have a mineral piece settled into it, and possibly show the spawn/despawn dates in the item description, after the planet’s name.

Using a regular bird’s eye view map over the globe not dissimilar to the ones released by @james every now and then, would definitely fix issues of the data storage of every data point on the planet.

At the least, I’d imagine that to be a great solution to the issue, without making storage of increasing amounts of exoplanets a nightmare for the company.


I visited an EXO once and all that I got was this trophy map to hang on the wall in my workshop




It would be nice to actually have that in-game, frame and all. :joy:


Aye, would be really nice! I definitely still think this should be a thing :slight_smile:

Swords, Lances, and Pantses!


It should also have some personalization like “Player X 0, Lava 40!”