Atlas visual bug?

It didn’t dawn on me that this was a visual bug until i saw a youtube video on how it was supposed to look. Whenever I use the atlas, any discovered areas are fogged out. Any crystal clear areas are crystal clear. As I discover more areas, the atlas becomes more useless. Now that I have fully mapped out Vulpto, the atlas is completely yellow normally and completely greyed out when a resource is added. I’m running the game from a mac. Maybe it’s an isolated issue pertaining to mac computers.

Hover over it and press ‘i’ I think? Something removes an item you may have dropped on it that tracks things. Sounds like maybe a very common block may have been placed in it to track by mistake :slight_smile:

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what graphics card do you have? Can you provide screenshots?

Graphic card: AMD Radeon R9 M395X 4GB

Atlas with nothing in it

Atlas with rough ruby inserted

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that’s what I’d expect to see if the atlas had no discovered regions.

We’ve certainly seen issues only on Mac before in the past, especially in combination with AMD cards.

can you include a screenshot where you’re standing IN a region (instead of “east of” it) where you’re holding the mouse button down to bring the atlas up to the center of your screen?