Atlas World - In Ultima Hub! (near clocktower on West side)

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Nope not a single one. Got some Kindling mass kernels up for sale now, as well as a map of the Metal 5 exoworld - Decos VIII And - 1000c

Got some primordial oil this time, 26 to be exact. Must have died 30 times digging around for the last hotspot on the map.

Now featuring Ragit Tier 6 blink exoworld atlas - 34/34 - 500c. Lowered prices on all Exoplanet atlas to 500c.

Also now featuring some location tokens for cheap for various sites on these worlds.

Prices slashed on all the seeds, the common seeds are now 10c going up to 300c for the goo. Someone bought my kindling mass out, and there’s no more, so none of that.

12 Primordial resin left for 500c each. I’m not cutting the price on that any more - I’ll just amber it and use it to farm kranuts to sell.

good shop for atlases :smiley:

Why thank you Hash!

I now have Retis fully mapped atlas in stock for 500c, as well as some atlas petrolim for 4999. There’s a good amount of petrolim left underground in pockets, and in the water. Surface pools have been cleared out. Lots of rift in big juicy hotspots.

Here are current-as-of-post screenshots of the atlas with petrolim/rift inserted. First is petrolim, 2nd is rift.

Oh nice! Gonna come grab one

Threw up 500 petrolim and primordial oil, both 999c each.

Reduced price on petrolim and primy oil to 699 due to lack of sales. Got several hundred of each on offer.

Now with Xerxes V - T7 Umbris Exo reachable from Alycon, 1000c. Also selling atlas umbris for 5000c.

current-as-of-post screenshots, umbris, petrolim. As usual the surface petrolim is stripped.



If someone replies to this I’ll also post later tonight when I’ve mapped another one. Cuz I’m at 3 reply limit :frowning:

I needed the Gandor Atlas :frowning: but I’m sure there’s plenty of people who need Xerxes

You shall recieve! Will take me a few hours, as I’m also mining as I go.

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Gandontrum is now available! Tier 7 umbris, 1000c. And boy is there a lot of umbris on that one.

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Policy change: I will no longer fully map exoworlds and offer them for sale. This is because not enough people were buying them to cover the warp costs. I was only selling perhaps one to three before they timed out and reverted to blank atlas.

I will now only fully map exoworlds by commission - 5000c paid upfront and I will fully map an exoworld, generally within 2 hours unless I’m busy, and will provide you with at least 10 atlas of that exoworld.

I will now, instead, put up partial exoworld atlas containing the location where I land and anything I happen to explore exploiting the map for resources. These are generally 1/3 to 1/2 mapped. The price on these will be very low - perhaps 200 or 250 coins.

Also: There’s still hundreds of petrolim and primordial oil on the Atlas World shop stands, with prices 999c and 599c respectively. Buy it up!