Atlas World - In Ultima Hub! (near clocktower on West side)

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All but one Atlas available - still mapping Imdaari - curse Imdaari, worthless level 3 lava world! Will map more as they become available.

New policy: I will only fully map exoworlds by commission. A commission costs 5000 coins(includes warp costs) and can be completed ASAP, generally within 2 hours.

Located in Ultima’s Central Hub on Eresho - 3 blocks west of the portals, next to the clocktower. Big glowing white atlas on top.

NEW LOW PRICES! Tier 1 & 2 worlds for 300c, Tier 4 for 400c, Tier 5 for 500c, Tier 6 for 600c. This is less than HALF of what the old shop charged! (significant lava on a world is charged at one tier higher due to difficulty mapping)

Also, on new content releases, for a limited time, a section with a selection of the new content resources.

On to the Screenshots!


Yes you can map exo worlds. After the exo expires the Atlas goes back to being blank!

If you need a bunch of Trung atlases just shout and I can hook you up…

Added Kada I! Tier 2 lush planet for 300c.

Speaking of ‘stuff’, any inspiration for what I should build on the underlevel? I’d like to make something ‘lovecraftian’ or eldrich-horror inspired.

Raxxa now available! 300c as a t1 planet

any interest in having t1 planets at 100c, t2 planets at 200c, etc?

I’m not interested in lowering my prices to poverty rates, no. It’s not any less time consuming or significantly easier or less annoying to map a low level planet than a high level planet.

300c is a fair price for a one-time purchase. You’ll never need another atlas for that planet again.

If you REALLY gotta save 200c then you can go to the planet and hope someone there has an atlas for cheap. If you want a particular planet and want to go to one place that will have it and will have it in stock then you go to Atlas World and pay a bit more.

Also, and this is irrelevant, but I have to support my family which also plays this game - 2 kids and a wife - keep them in forged hammers/totems/food.


Dzassak is now available - 300c.

But once done it’s done tho…

It’s also not hard to get the coin to afford that. Coin grows on trees in this game now. Pretty much literally

I know but still…

Just to throw in a bit of devil’s advocate, if the above statement is the way you are going, then why charge more for the higher tier planets?! :thinking::wink:


Because it is slightly harder, and mostly because people are willing to pay more :smiley:

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Absolutely! So if you’d like to make a shop that has all the atlas and only charges 100c then feel free to invest 100+ hours into wandering around half finished builds and safety huts (interspersed with awesome sights) and open your own atlas shop. At which point I’ll have no choice but to lower my prices to 150c to compete, and then we can BOTH make almost no coins! Doesn’t that sound great?

Get mappin’!

You were saying??? :smiley:

Look I didn’t mean anything by it, just noticed that your prices are higher for lower tier worlds than most of the other atlas shops I’ve been too in the past few months. Tho I have honestly no clue if they are still even around…

Trung now available - 300c

Well if you can point me at one with the same selection that’s offering a lower price I will lower my prices to be competitive. However from what I’ve seen all the others have much worse selection, meaning 80% of the planets unmapped and/or several things out of stock. The only one that has 60% of my selection actually charges more for tier 6 planets.

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Teplanroo atlas now available for 1200c for as long as the exoplanet lasts. Will lower the price to 1000 in 2 days.

The primordial resin was mined out in the first 15m, I got none. Started on an unlucky patch I guess.

Now featuring several (moderately overpriced) rare and common seeds -
Oortian Wheat,
Waxy Earthyam Bulbs,
Starberry Seeds,
Glossy Starberry Seeds,
Juicy Starberry Seeds,
Oortian Rice,
Kranut Seeds,
Ancient Oat Seeds,
Combustion Fraction Kernals,
and finally Earthyam Bulbs.

Prices range 150-450c.
Will stop selling seeds in a few weeks.

Now with goo kernals! 600c :smiley: Also Pendromethand atlas.

Someone reply to this so I can stop editing this post :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, I help ya out I know how annoying that can be, hehe…

No exo yam bulbs either huh?