Atlas World needs location token suggestions!

Hi, I run Atlas World (it’s in a few malls) which is an atlas shop and I sell lots of atlas in my atlas world atlas shops. (actually I hardly sell any because so few new people join the game - but it’s nice footfall and you almost never have to stock them)

Anyway, I also offer a ‘location tokens’ stand with…location tokens pointing to interesting locations. I finally decided to get serious about this. This thread is for suggestions for anything you think someone might want to see - a well-maintained shop, a megaproject, pixil boobie art, portal hubs, farming spots…basically anything someone would care to visit.

I’ve got a sort of orginization system going with the naming with the following catagories (if you have a good suggestion I can add a couple more)

Portal Hubs - Large/Central
Portal Hubs - Side/Small
Shopping - individual stores
Shopping - malls/markets
Resource Farms - Hubs/HQs
Resource Farms - individual farms

So you can either post directions in this thread and I’ll have a look and make a location token, or you can drop a location token into my ‘location token suggestions’ basket at most of my Atlas Worlds.

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Awesome idea!

Come check out Wul’s World Pallette - basic block collection from the 50 main worlds. Laid down for easy color comparison.

Located on Gyosha Ophin at Tiggs Tunnels and portals from The All Block Shop and the Gyosha PS Hub

More suggestions please! Now’s a good time to do it as an event just started!

Hey xira would you be interested in location tokens for every in game resource?
Not sure if you ever visited legendton on delta?
Legend had several buildings just full of tokens, sadly the whole collection wasn’t completed but I suppose it provides a mission of sorts for people to donate the missing tokens.

Let me know if you’re interested and I can organise getting them too you

Sure how do I get there?

Tnt megahub and then the huge portal with the giant L I’m not on right now but have a look in the buildings around the build and you will see what there is

Also side note would u be willing to do a deal on atlases for the megahub stands?

Have you been to Anvil :sweat_smile::joy:

Also side note can’t you get @Aridhol and the forgemasters to play again

Sure, I can sell bulk atlas to ya’ll. I have all permanente planets mapped. How much are you looking to charge and pay for the atlas? :smiley: I don’t want to undercut myself :smiley:

Can’t remember off hand but have a look at the hub they are on the ground floor by each planet portal

Farm location would be a big one the more you can offer the better.