Atlas World! We sell atlas!


Hey can I no longer edit this post? If so I’ll need to make a new one.


normally you would be able to edit your own post
do you mean the post our the title?
if you was away for a while you might have lost your higher rank in the forum


@Havok40k might be able to change the date on it so you can edit. Or @Stretchious should be able to do that.


That’s unfortunately outside the scope of our abilities.


I thought it was one of you two that did it the last time. It was done just recently on another topic.

Found it @Havok40k

Dunno if you both have the same options tho.


Hey, I commented on your other post about potentially moving by us on Sorissi, but even if you don’t move by us we’ll definitely give you a portal token to our shopping area :slight_smile:


:thinking: I’ve been unsuccessful in the past but there is no harm in trying.

@xira1979 give it a try and let me know


Can’t edit but no biggie, I’ll just make a new one. Thanks for welcoming me back ya’ll :smiley: