Atmosphere creators

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Hey there …

Since we now have worlds which are quite hostile to us even with skilled protection, what’s about something we can craft and place in our beacons that gives at least an area where we are protected against the atmospheric hazards and even regen our “survival bar” over time again.

For example there could be a machine that creates such an area but which needs fuel. Of cause this area should be limited to the beacon (may be even only an area of plots when placed in a bigger one) and the fuel should be not just “a hand full of sparks” but something more precious like Oort shards or even something new which has to be crafted by refining and/or other methods.

Important should be that this stuff doesn’t make the living to easy there, but still possible even over longer time when maintained right and with enough effort. Also, this should not be a quick and simple “I plot and fuel - finished!” but a longer process to make settlements possible but not simplyfied to much :wink:

ideas or concerns?


Make the atmosphere not work if you make a sealed building :stuck_out_tongue:

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would be a reasonable mechanic, but a bit to easy in my eyes. and also to easy to missuse it for quick trips without any big preparation.

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Easy means it can be done quickly. A bandage if you will.

sorry, not a native english speaker ^^

You would still need something to create clean air, as all the air in a building comes from outside anyway, or else you would suffocate.
Just sealing a building wouldn’t make that much sense.
But maybe a machine that would only work in a sealed area… That would be cool :slight_smile:


Theoretically, you would have to add airlocks and a bunch of things for this to work.

I know this was brought up (before 1.0) as going to discourage settling on those planets because you limit who can for instance come to your store. No one wants to die buying a chisel. Unfortunately we did not have atmospheres to play with prior to now. I personally understand the desire to make planets accessible to higher level players, but you make them use valuable skill points to do it. That is where I have a problem.

I like the way it is and hope they don’t change it. If people choose to settle in a bad atmosphere that is their choice. You can go there for solitude and to mine or whatever. Make a small home there. If you want a store without customers then make it there, otherwise make your stores on lower level planets where the customers are. I love low population planets and atmospheres are a good way to keep the population down. If I ever open a store though it will be on a starter planet while my permanent home is more inhospitable. Keep it as is.


What about a mechanic where if you spend enough time on hazardous worlds you become “adapted” to that atmoshepre but at the cost of becoming vunelable to regular oxygen world’s?


I have 4 in blast protection, which makes permanent settlement on Tier 3s perfectly possible.

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I like the idea of this, and it makes sense to fuel some kind of oxygen machine with oort shards.

Consider: The oort shards would create a microportal that pulls in oxygen from a nearby world, using that to create your pocket of air. I would say it would protect the entire plotted area, maybe making a shimmering wall type effect on its boundaries indicating where you pass between air types?

It doesn’t remove the danger of the worlds for hunting, mining, etc, but it does make your base safe for lower level alts or other players to visit or shop. This keeps it in spirit with the current system I believe

@james what do you think about this compromise?

See, just prepare and you can live there. A place like that is probably where I will make my home because of lower population. If people don’t prepare and can’t survive then they simply choose to live and have their shops elsewhere. If choose to have a shop there that is fine, but, realize you will never have the amount of customers you can have on a lower level planet. The mechanic has nothing wrong with it. People who choose to be on a low level safe planet with high population can do so. Others can choose to live on a rugged and hostile planet with low population. Many choices exist. Some whine though because they want to go anywhere and do anything by making it easy for them and therefor take away the option other people want of living in a low population and more difficult environment. I think the developers did great making different choices available for different people. Environments don’t need changed.

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I don’t want to change atmospheres - just make it so people can visit my shop on a high tier planet without suffocating.

An atmosphere generator of some kind is an excellent compromise in this system. It takes nothing away from the gameplay, it just makes living on a hostile world not an instant no-deal for having a shop there


Don’t have your shop on a planet that needs protection if you want unprotected people as customers. Live there, resource gather there, but, just like Moebius Plaza was on a starter planet (Therka) the largest settlements with the most shopping are places safe from critters and safe in atmosphere… aka starter planets. The old system I had a home on Vulpto. Not many would come shop there once the elite mobs were introduced plus people didn’t want to live in the yellow air. So, people in the community with large shops had them mostly on Solum where there are more customers. Left us in relative peace with homes on Vulpto if you don’t count all the critters attacking and the dangerous atmosphere. lol

tbh i see your point and it is very annoying but…

i do like the skill sets because now we have to work for everything (we should be seeing this game wish a fresh pair of Nub-eyes as the influx will upon rlease :wink: )

The devs want it challenging to leave a planet now (we only found it so easy last time becuase we knew where to find EVERYTHING we would ever need… now its hunt/gather/forage/report findings/Chart the new planets ETC)

Think of how epic you will feel a new player joins and is trying to get higher planet and is calling hey where can i find X? How do i get x? and you can say… Come with me… i can help… we can be there and back in 10 mins

Needs balancing though i agree

EDIT: anyone have a sense of deja’vu? the bugs we get ow are so similar to the ones we had in the old universe about 4>5 months ago :slight_smile: I said similar - not the same


This sounds like an interesting feature, depending on implementation it could allow for things like dome/cave settlements to be developed on such worlds.

Regarding it making it to easy for people to visit or settle on such a world I would point out that currently you would only have to create a portal (or multiple depending on size) to a safe world within your build to basically achieve the same as the feature described. Sure it costs portal fuel but the athmosphere generator/filter could as stated earlier have the same fuel cost as a portal.