Atmospheric Bombs

I was thinking that often, when going on a hunt, I have the protection for the planet we are going to, but not always for the hubs and planets in between. In addition, navigating some portal hubs gives me the same issue. Wouldn’t it be great to have a boon that gives you just a few seconds of higher atmospheric protection? This way you would not have to switch around you skill page or eat some atmospheric protection foods when you only need a few seconds on a planet.

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Sounds painful, expensive, and obsolete soon.

That’s 3 new boons added to the pool of acquirable boons for bombs, making the chances for every other boon for bombs go lower, increasing the difficulty and prices for forged bombs in general. At that point, it probably is cheaper to eat atmo protection food… or just run through the portals. You have some time before you actually die from atmosphere, your breath meter has to run out first, then it slowly drains your health.

Then there’s the upcoming update(soonTM) that will net you far more skill points to use, which is very likely will make this a non-issue.

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I see your point. I guess this would be better in the form of an argument.

I don’t blame you, a lot of ideas seem great to add to forging. But then trying to forge said thing turns out to be more of a pain than what it’s worth :joy:

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Well if they come out with the update were we can use all our points on one skill page bombs like these won’t be needed lol