ATTENTION Sovereign Owners! Looking for planet to host build

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TL;DR version: looking for planet to hold grapple course, requires huge mountains and terrain that is mostly otherwise unsuitable for hunts and builds. Also want a planet that isn’t going to be disappearing anytime soon.

If any of you attended the EZPZ 1 year anniversary festival, I’m sure at least some of you know about the grapple tournament that was hosted. There were 2 grapple courses, both spanning over 2,000 meters and were in areas that hunt leaders would find unsuitable for hunts. The planet that hosted those courses has since disappeared. (If you have not heard of the tournament or grapple areas, here is a youtube video of me completing the courses )

I am looking for a new place to host some expert level, long grapple courses. I would strongly prefer terrain similar to the video, and a planet that isn’t planned to go away for a while. I will plan and build the courses entirely on my own, all I require is you to say “This is my planet, you are welcome to build the courses here”

If there are regions you would like the build to stay away from, that is something we can arrange! The grapple courses are made to be fun for expert level grapplers, and I don’t want the courses to obstruct the view or building of anything on your planet. It is YOUR planet, not mine.

Why not just build it on a public planet? Because public planets are public! beacons from the course may get in people’s way or just crowd the planet with a bunch of grapple course stuff. Trying to be considerate is all.

Is DJDancecraft making his return? haha, I’m slowly making my way into it. There is only a few weeks left of high school, and as long as the homework stays at a decent level, ill be able to slowly trickle back into boundless.

But back on topic, since I clearly was not on my ADHD meds while writing this post. If you own a planet you think would be eligible for an expert level grapple course, please let me know! I will personally go check it out and If I like it then we can work something out.


First time i watched that vid… Looks Pretty cool although many People cant afford that kinda forged grapples.

I liked that ninja Warrior course someone made back In the days. Dunno Who it was.


@georgegroeg has a Ninja warrior course


@DJDancecraft tier wishes?

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Any tier is fine. higher tiers tend to have wilder terrain anyways, which is just what I’m looking for.

@bucfanpaka might have one …

I have a few sovs but nothing that I think that would be challenging enough like you are.looking for.

Edit: we might could do some cool building ideas for the course too if we had a good Sov for it

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Even if you don’t think they are challenging enough I can still go take a look at them and see

Also @bucfanpaka you got anything?

Feel free to use any of mine! :slight_smile: Though, some disclaimers - I can’t say any of them won’t be replaced. Hyrule is least likely to though, and it does have a lot of high elevations… but, not the pancake floating islands like in the video. Stellamaris VI also unlikely to be replaced but that is a low elevation one.

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thanks! I will take a look at those two

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You;re welcome to build on BASH, it’s T3 metal but flat as a pancake just about

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thanks! im also gonna try generating my own world just to see how much i can get from it


I have 3 planets
loboutune t3
Loboutuny t6
Loboutuna t6

If you are still interested, please visit them and look if it’s sufficient enough for your project and contact me in game or via pm here
Lobotoune > TNT > BumsBaracke
Loboutuna > Turrican (Pharaos Network) > T5 > Shedu Tier
Loboutuny > Turrican (Pharaos Network) > T5 > Hochus

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More than welcome to give PTG a look and see what you think. It’s a T4 with decent terrain.
It’s a 40 player planet and is fueled for like a year.

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I will take a look at all of those after school!

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it was @georgegroeg if we’re on about the same one. Its still there on Alder


Sorry to disappoint all my sovereign owners out there, but with the help of @HOST we were able to generate a world perfect for my plans. Thanks for the help though!

@majorvex you may now close this as I have found what I was looking for


your very welcome bro, glad i could help out!

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who is the real host of that world so? :thinking:

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Closed at the request of the OP.