Augments (Last Shot)

I Noticed that the Very Last Shot in a Augment doesn’t count
Been using area of effect on bomb Augments I noticed the the last shot of the augment it doesn’t register as a Augment shot

I wish I can post a video being on console but I tested it I used all the augments the very last shot doesn’t count a part of the Augment

(It broken or is it like that)

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I think it is like that.

Same with the last bomb (without augment) you throw. Bag breaks, no bomb.


Also you can share video being on console normally. But therefore you would need to first upload a video to YouTube and then share the link here. I know it’s a pain sharing pictures as well. First send it to a friend and then download it from the Playstation app or website and then upload it. So much extra steps :sweat_smile: