Auris - City on Alturnik

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Welcome to the first ring settlement of the Boundless universe! Located at the equator of Alturnik the settlement stretches across the sky.

Now open!


  • Hub - 80%
    Hub nearly complete

  • Road - 10%
    Basic 1 wide path has been set up around the entire, not suitable for traffic
    Construction of main road has begun.

There will be a minimum of 1000 plots next to the main road so I doubt we will run out soon. However feel free to ask me to reserve you plots.

Claimed plots

Total available plots: 1140

  • Unclaimed (1136)
  • @0MrBob0 (1 Section)
  • @Smidge (1 section)

If you would like to help out with the project the estimated material list will be bellow.

Material list

All rocks are of the regular variants

  • 50 688 Igneous stones
  • 36 864 Igneous bricks
  • 27 648 Refined Metamorphic
  • 18 432 Metamorphic bricks
  • 18 432 Gleam lanterns (Cream)
  • 18 432 Glass

If anyone has any questions, requests or suggestions feel free to leave them below.

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Please tell me this will be on Andooweem ?!

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cool when location is revealed I will be sure to visit

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great to see some news like this :slight_smile: maybe will I claim a small plot to have a "second residence " :stuck_out_tongue: succes for your project

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I’d be happy to help out with materials!

I need all my bricks for my own build but I’m happy to give you refined metamorphic and the stones to make the other parts. What colour were you thinking of using?

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Sorry to everyone for the late reply, as I said my internet has been bad (It has been completely shut off for a while :cry:) but for now it is back!

@SWProzee1 Sorry, It will be on Alturnik although I don’t want to spoil it, I can say you won’t have to any digging though.

@Dryde I’ll add you to the list, for now you’ll be down as 1 plot.

@Smidge Thank you soooooo much :smile: … You will probably save me a lot of time most likely. I’ll update the rock types on the list, it is just the regular variants.

Overall, Thank you for the responses! I’ll try and do some more work, however the bulk of the work will be done when my internet is back to normal.

Edit: Sorry for the shameless attention grabbing

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First occupant! 0MrBob0
View from road below

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