AUS Meteor Hunt Group

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Hi All, Ive had a little search and there doesnt seem to be much recent activity on the forums regarding community hunts. I was on the second Dev hunt @Steggs101 hosted a week ago and had a blast, even though it was at 2:30 in the morning for me lol…
This leads me to my question, are there any community type meteor hunts still happening frequently? and what UTC time are they normally? as Im from AUS and it all seems quiet most nights when Im on.
Are there any locally AUS or Asian based groups who would like another hunter to join their crew? Are there enough players from this area who arent part of a group doing this but would like to be?
Appreciate some positive feedback please as trying solo anything substantial doesnt normally end well for me lol.

Every few days I’ll run around Boori with my hunter completing meteors. Would be happy to join up if you have a day / time in mind that suits. My oortshard stocks are getting a little low.

Actually came across 3 players today on Boori doing meteors, however I was on my wood chopper at the time and had no armour to be able to survive more than the one meteor I joined in on the action.

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Hey mate, remember me I was living across the river from you on Lasaina. Happy to do some meteors on Boori (my new home planet) but was also thinking a bit higher like tier 5 at least, to try get those mats for forging that we so crave. Im on most evenings I will try catch up with you on my hunter alt and friend you to make contacting a little easier if you like, come to think of it he could use some lower level meteors for now as hes a relatively new alt…
Perhaps we should get Bunky (boori ps hub) to create an area to gather at a signposted time at the hub and if people are present off they go…

Im from Aus as well and would be keen to team up. Looks like you might have just started an Aus hunt group!

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Nice, i think we need to get Bunky in on this

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The more the merrier!

Whilst were at it, hey @james and the other devs, can we please get a place to hunt from our region so we dont all get “Unplayable” half way through (PS i gotta ask but I know its not likely)

I remember ya, you built that nice bridge just behind my place :slight_smile:

A Boori based hunt group would be great. If you could get Bunky to set something up where players can congregate at a certain time… depending on the amount of players that turn up, we could then decide which planet/s to hunt.

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It looks like Im pulling out of Lasaina completely, I can give you the bridge before it times out if you like, but its not really fitting to your build style, anyhow the choice is yours let me know

I’ll grab the bridge plots if you’re letting them go, that way I could extend Rockin’ Rocks in that direction when the time comes (it would be underneath the bridge then). Only if you’re pulling out of Lasaina altogether though.

yeah I am, when i catch you next we’ll organise something, no hurry

Sounds good, I’ll try to keep enough plots spare to cover that area. Cheers :slight_smile:

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