Australians on Vena, let's team up

Who wants to play with me :smirk:

Vena is a ghost town right now.
I’m going to start a settlement and hopefully attract a little more interest for people to have a place to connect with and collab on projects.

If you’re interested in teaming up or want someone to play with hit me up before its to late.

It would be a little sad but if I get no takers I’m going to move to a US server with an active population. Vena is our last hope :wink:

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I’m at 0,0 but rarely on.


Hey dude. Good to hear from you!

I ventured out to your location when I first arrived on Vena. Was going to build near you but I didn’t really like the harsh ice terrain.

I know you’re probably a bit busy to play a lot but when you do definitely come say hello. Maybe you could consider moving closer and chipping in around the builds I’m planning.

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Hell, I might move over from US, I don’t want anything to do with this country right now…


What are your coordinates? Might come pay a visit!

Hahaha, that quote made my morning.

Yeww, will post when I get home tonight brother!

-2050, 1780 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I just started playing the game again. I happen to be in Vena too :smiley: you can add me on steam or discord so we can play together :slight_smile:

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I just set up a shop on vena with warp locations to eu market and my place on elopar

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Dude you’re the man!

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sorry warp shop on vena is at -2187 1740

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@Jeffrotheswell damn you sure you left marker for your location?

I’ve bought 4 in total, 2 from both piles and they are are saying EU market on all of them.

Also is that your lake house :open_mouth:

I thought I did but maybe I messed up. Sorry if so. My shop at eu has all the planets and moons. mine is the 6th marker for sale. I build all of my jump shops out of gold gleam so there easy to find.
Yes it is. I was just going to build a small shop on the lake and it turned out to be one of my best.

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I think perhaps there is a bug, if you put in say 3 locations in different stacks and I buy one of each. It ends up being 3 of the Same coords.
Weird. It’s happened to my twice now.

Yet location names are not displayed when buying so it’s a lucky dip. I might be wrong.

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Next time I am on I will travel to all my shops and fix this. I think I will have all of my starter world shops lead to eu market and there I will sell a marker to elopor.
Or I could do a pilgrimage wher each one leads to the next. Whacha think?
Hopefully the devs will see this and work on a fix… nudge nudge … a nods as good as a wink to a bild bat


Hey i just started up!

Add me on steam - flashedlion,

Just installed the game but moving over from minecraft :slight_smile: