Auto-fuel personal portals with GC


I’m not currently a Gleam Club member, I’m on the fence about it. The tint perks are nice, but I’m mainly interested in the beacon autofueling. I don’t always have time to play, and the peace of mind of not having to worry about fueling beacons would be very nice. But I would still need to be logging in frequently to maintain my personal portals connecting to the local world hub.

If Gleam Club also had the ability to fuel my personal portals, I think it would be a no brainer for me to sign up. To keep it to just personal portals and prevent abuse, I’m thinking it would have to be something like “auto-fuel up to three 1x2 portals”.


Im not sure about this one, take quite some doing to get oortstone to fuel them, beacon fuel for instance takes like 10 foliage, so that is alot cheaper.

Maybe free warp with GC?


free warp to your home beacon with GC would be nice!


A Free warp to your home beacon (every 15mins) should be free for everyone tbh…
Pretty standard in the mmo world.


Still waiting for something other than emojis, dyes and becon fuels to become a member… not necessarily complaining, I’m just not sold on it yet.