Auto left action trigger issue


I think it’s a lot easier to produce.
I can reproduce this almost 100%. it happens when you close a menu or some actuation immediately after clicking somewhere. like so immediate that you’re almost hitting the key before releasing the mouse button.
that fast.


OK I scienced the ■■■■ out of this. @dave

I deleted that controls.json file locally and restarted the app so it would load the defaults. I also deleted gameoptions.json to rule out anything in there. With the default settings (ugh how do you play this way?!) I was able to reproduce the bug in Sanctum. So we can rule out controller config.

Doing it in Sanctum also rules out (some) network issues I hope. I heard it’s locally instanced.

Next I moved tools around and tried different tools. I can perform this 100% of the time with any tool in either hand regardless of what slot the tool is assigned to. Since it’s Sanctum you are limited in what you can use. But you can play the swing animations of axes, hammers, totems, etc. Which is enough. If you can play the swing animation in Sanctum, you can repro the bug.

Next I tried reproducing it on both entering or exiting the menu. I can perform the bug in both instances.

I ran to a corner of the Sanctum and pulled up the frame time graph. I let it sit for a while to get a good idea of the baseline. It’s usually wavering around 7-9ms for me. If I swing my tools it has no impact on the graph. If I open my inventory there is a quick spike to 15ms followed by another steady baseline around 9ms. Performing the bug has no impact on the graph. The only thing that makes it deviate is opening the menu and closing it.

To reproduce it all I’m doing is, with two tools equipped, holding down one of the mouse buttons as I exit (or enter) the inventory menu. Exiting with I or Esc doesn’t matter, nor does the timing. I sat with the inventory menu up holding the mouse button down for five seconds. When I closed the inventory (without releasing the mouse button still) the bug happens. You can use either mouse button to do this; the tool which starts auto attacking will always be in the opposite hand.

Hopefully that rules out a lot of surface area


Ok, I tried that and it still doesn’t happen for me. Can you explain exactly what you are doing to reproduce this? Maybe you missed something? Currently, I am opening the inventory and holding down left click for 5 seconds and then before releasing the mouse button pressing “I” to close the inventory. However, my left tool swings just as I would expect.

Can anyone else here reproduce the bug with the method from @a13o ?

What kind of mouse do you have?

Note that I have in the past seen this bug so my machine definitely has the same problem. I’ve just never been able to figure out what I needed to do to make it happen again.


I tired this as well this morning both in and out of Sanctum; couldn’t get it to occur. I was holding hammers in both hands and tried holding down either mouse button while exiting the inventory via Escape, E, or I. I tried seeing if I needed to click on anything in the inventory before exiting, but that didn’t have any effect. I also tried shift-click.

Does it matter which position of the tool wheel the selected tools are on? Does it matter what else is in the tool wheel?

Does your skill set matter? I tried on two alts that have different action speeds and could not get it to happen with either.


I will try to rule out more variables in a few days. I have a new laptop on the way already and that will give me two machines to try on which can help me test more hardware-based explanations


@dave I tried to reproduce this morning by rebinding my action key to a keyboard key and I can’t reproduce the issue. Putting the binding back to mouse makes the bug reproduceable.

My mouse is a Razer Naga Left-Handed Edition so you can see why I’m reticent to be the crash test dummy for something mouse-specific. I closed the Razer Synapse program and verified that my custom mappings in that software no longer apply. I could still reproduce the bug. I don’t have another brand of mouse to see if it’s driver related.

edit: Here is my mouse driver


This happens to me I just thought it was a server issue where it gets confused


Happens to me too…

With and Without a Razer mouse… could be a synapse thing though…


Yea blew the roof off my house a few times because of this.


Same here. Usually when closing a tab too quickly. I use Esc so it isn’t just the inventory button


I think we have 2 bugs here… @a13o is seeing one and I think everyone else is seeing another. Maybe we can get one of these Razer left-handed mice. Hopefully, the bugs both have the same cause and fixing one will fix the other.


I don’t use a razer mouse


@dave I’ve made a tiny bit of progress on this issue. I got my new laptop set up with Boundless and also borrowed a second mouse from a friend (a Razer Deathadder Chroma). Here is what I’ve found so far.

I can not reproduce this issue on the new laptop. I can’t do it with the trackpad, with the Chroma mouse, or with my Lefty mouse. Game works fine. I never installed any Razer software or drivers. The mice are all using the default drivers provided by Microsoft.

On my desktop I can reproduce the issue using both the Chroma mouse and the Lefty mouse.

I think this rules out that my lefty hardware is specifically the cause of the issue. And Boundless alone doesn’t seem to be to blame either. The problem is unfortunately in the worst part, the part in the middle :stuck_out_tongue:

I will keep playing with it tonight… my next steps are to install Razer drivers on the new laptop and see if I can get it reproduceable there. The very last thing I want to try is completely uninstalling and reinstalling Razer software on my desktop. We may lose the reproduction case (and only get a hint of the true cause) so I’m saving this for last resort. But all this should serve to rule out that mouse drivers or mouse software are the issue.


@a13o what CPUs do your test machines have? I’m curious about threading.

@dave is it possible there’s some race condition when shift clicking between the shift release and the click release where some state object is getting updated at the same time by both? Maybe the shift release is taking said object, updating it and writing it back, but just before it writes back the click release updates it and writes it back. Then the shift release writes back with the click still down in its version of the object?

Is it possible to provide a version with excessive logging in it that we can play with? I see this issue at least a couple times a day. I mean yeah it’s hard to repro but a bunch of us are indeed able to see it somewhat regularly and could help.


Did you try reinstalling boundless yet? Or maybe dowload and install it to another location on your drive.


@dave Alright! Repro’ed it on new laptop.

I ruled out all the drivers and razer software possibilities. Moved onto windows mouse settings. The bug is reproduceable when your windows primary button is set to Right.

With that setting, I can repro easily by holding down a mouse button while exiting the menu. Set it back to Left, the bug is gone. You can alt tab out to change the setting, no need to restart Boundless.

Works on both my desktop and my laptop. But I couldn’t get it to work with the trackpad. It had to be a mouse.

I’ve remapped my setup so that I can leave this setting on Left from now on.

Automatic swinging

I could reproduce this immediately with that change. Good find!


Cool yeah that works… :smiley: now to find how the inputs are getting messed up…


Idk if a fix have been push for that but this is still happening frequently and pretty annoying.

Could it be a desync issue that is happening while transferring item or opening inventory menu ?

IT seems there is not really a pattern for this.


I agree this thing happens to me too. Happens more often while I’m working on blocks due to going into inventory often. And yea, I use esc to exit menus. Using a corsair mouse.