Auto/Level adjustment for lower tier worlds

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What do you think about level adjustment in Oort. I meen the “downgrading” of your stats to a more proper level when visiting lower tier worlds. For example if you have the Equip of a high world and visit a lower world you keep all your equipment (and also skills/abilities) but your stats like life, armor or damage are adjusted down so that you are not “a god among mortals”, but “only” a acceptable portion more powerful then the players that are still on the level of the world.

I think of Guild Wars 2 when writing this. There each area had a maximum level and if you had a higher level all your stats were downgraded to the maximum possible of the level of the area. Skills you had were still the same, but you were not a god (Like in WoW for example, where you can go into places ment for 25 people alone).

I think there are 3 positive effects of an adjustment: …

  1. Ganking is reduced cuz you cannot go alone or in a small group into a lower world / city and kill everyone on sight.

  2. Grinding like “I kill each mob with a single hit and collect all the loot ten times faster then all the others” is not possible. Yeah, you are faster and have some neat skills which may help, but you are not “the walking death”.

  3. You still have to do something. For many people it is more fulfilling to have to do something for a reward and not only to click once on each mob :wink:

your opinion?


But I AM a god among mortals D:

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hehehe, I was it to at Guild Wars 1 ;D … (for all who don’t know it: it was a title over there for maxing out 30 different titles with one char)

If people don’t like a to hard ajustment it could be like a downgrade to: Maximum Stats of that tier + x% per higher level Tier your wear

For example (with x=25%): Maximum health on lvl 1 is 100hp and you do about 20 damage per hit. If you now come to that world as a tier 4 equip, you would have 175hp and would do 35 damage. Means that you would have an easy life in comparison to a tier 1 char, but still are beatable if 3 of them (or 2 skilled ones) come to you to get you.

well using gw2 is a pretty bad example. because even with your downgraded gear you are still pretty damn OP.

but i always liked the system that downgraded you in GW2. it allowed me to just level in any zone and still get exp and it also allowed me to play with my low level friend on my level 80 without facerolling everything.

there are just no predetermined levels in this game as there is in gw2 so im not quite sure how effective or how hard the system would be to make.

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Spiral Kmights did something similar to this. Basically stats got exponentially magnified the further down you went. It actually worked pretty well, and If something like this was implemented maybe @Zouls and I could get along on the whole skills vs. levels topic.

i dont mind at all if a tier 10 player heads to a tier 1 world he would be downgraded so although he would still have better gear and stats the distance would be less and winning the fight would be possible.


if the tier 1 player heads into a tier 10 player area, then there is absolutely no mercy.


yeah, in gw2 it was a bit to lax. But the leveling together was a real bonus. May be Oort may find a better balance if adjustment is added :wink:

Lore explanation of this concept could be that there is an energy coming from the center of the Oortiverse and the closer you get the more power you have. (spiral energy, Gurren Lagann? yeh?)

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i still want to be stronger than the low level players though, not so i can just oneshot all of the mobs ofc but still stronger.


Oh and I thought we could reach such a lovely truce on the skills vs. levels fight. :frowning:

Well, players who spend more time advancing a character should be rewarded with more power.


Do you mean items? What exactly is power in a game like Oort? The mass or sum of something? Like a lot of dragon eggs?
I’d love mini dragons, by the way.

I ment the pure attributes like damage you deal, hitpoints you have or how much resistances you got. In games like WoW you have a great advancement from level to level and if you are lvl 70 and met a lvl 80 char he will kill you with two or three strikes (and the mobs with one). That feels quite overpowered. I don’t want equality, but a bit more balance when high chars visit low areas/worlds. Oort will have a tier system and there will be a power progress of a char over time. I don’t know how big the differences will be between the levels (in stats), but I doubt that a Tier 5+ char will be beatable by even 3 or 4 chars of tier 1 without an adjustment.


I second this motion.

Having a soft level cap would definitely help on hindering total cleansing of animals/creatures from lower level worlds.

The power in the Oort universe is Oort Shards.

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