Auto translate in chat


was thinking this would be handy ive met alot off foreign players and played game with them but if the chat would allow some basic translating this could be epic for the game and helps keeping the comunity internationally :smile:


So true, especially with more players. Its remarkably easy to implement as well by using services like


Wanna see me speaking Finnish. That would be hilarious what kinda translations there would be. Hehe


i reply int westvloams oj wilt lol


En tiedä mitä sanoa ollenkaan!

Enter one of my favourite sites:, haha where did Tom and French come from?


Even if it was preset phrases that were selectable to cover some basic talking points, it would keep translation efforts minimal. Selectable phrases would also help those with gamepads/controllers and no keyboard.


Yeah just today i was talking to a guy from Russia, he had to translate everything from english to russian and then back to english when he replied to me, something like this would be helpful to a Ton of players