Automatic clean plotted area function


Extremely helpfull when you have to flatten a whole big area, saving half of your lifetime by just clicking on a button that can delete all the blocks inside a beacon.
There might be people abuse this feature for faster mining resources, so it should requires some coins per plot cleaned, or some resources to be actived.

Only people that having huge mall or huge stucture can feel this pain …


The way to do it then, would be to delete all the blocks, not put them into inventory?

Edit, I now see you did say delete already, so I think that would be OK!


If you get some forged bombs to blast the area out, you can plot what you need and then throw some regen bombs to raise the land up to your plotted area again. It’s pretty fun!


This is why I want the contract function… you could easily post this request with location and pay someone to do it… I know plenty of people that could clear out plots almost as fast as you can press a button.


Short little hobbit-like people?


you could always post on the forum for it looking for someone to come clear a set of plots until something like this does/might be implemented into the game


was just this exact moment installing new role in the aquatopian discord and a contract page so when people post a contract they ping all the people in our discord who activated the contracter role
should be done by tonight :+1: i do a post when its functional :nerd_face:


I don’t know about it, though.
Such a feature would have to have a pop-up box “are you sure?”, cause I can already smell the “OH NO, I erased my entire build that I spent month on because I was too drunk/tired/whatever to click on the right button!”

However, in Creativerse, you have Excavators, which were used to do just that in a 7x7x7 cube, and it is SO fun to use. ^^
Since you craft these items, though, you still get bags of loots that = to 50% of what you excavated. It’s a pretty good feature, and I do miss them in Boundless.

I would also be fine with some kind of bomb that destroys everything in an 8x8x8 plot instead of the entire beacon.


I, a humble stone puncher, take offense to the idea of automated block deletion. Gimme an iron hammer and a few hunks of meat; I’ll come take your rocks. Quit taking jobs from hard working dwarves so cold heartless machines can increase their death grip on physical laborers.


I have a very large area to flatten out and I was doing this a little bit until one of the bombs whent flying the wrong way and blew a modest sized hole in the wall.


Have heard this suggestion from many people. This is a great idea, especially since I have spent the last few weekends dedicating time to clearing a 2600 plot space for a friend’s build. Damage bombs are pretty much useless with so much tall mountains covered with trees. Then try guessing where to plot so those destroyed mountains don’t regen :laughing: