Axon/iconicsburg news

We would like to welcome the Corvus Olympia district to the city… located not too far from the ‘OFF’ Biitula base district …this cute area is a charmer!!! Pictures to follow!!!

2nd there is an announcement being made on behalf of the AXONIAN sectors of Axon/iconicsburg that apply ONLY to those sectors…and does not constitute a change in the Iconicsburg/enjoy Divinity/or any other settlement on Biitula. Axon will follow the Boundless terms of service 100% when plotting, etc. We are no longer automatically extending any courtesies beyond what is required in the Terms of service. ANY ISSUES? Anyone is Welcome to Private message me over any issue. ANY public postings will result in Automatic Denial of whatever your complaint is by Axon. Policies in Greater Iconicsburg is set by Orrian of Iconic, over in Illuminoorti Havok or Xaldafax. Enjoy Divinity baalmalack (not sure of spellings).

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You make a full circle yet?

Hi, yes… one north-south parkway, and two east-west (one a rural road and the other a blvd) circumnavigate Biitula.

Oh ok I thought you were just doing a ring or something. You got pictures yet would like to see other places around here dont leave my area much.

can i have the coords of inexplicus valles?

Inexplicitus Valles is a pretty large area… one of roads runs near it…the mysterious technological mini-pyramid is at -107N, -2071E…Biitula

Entering this area is not recommended…if you do, your on your own as we do not enter that area unless it is scientific in nature.

Awesie, there is but a sample of the places you can find…

I wanna go there and prove my worth as a great grappler! Thanks!

its not a jumping puzzle or a grapple puzzle :wink: But enjoy! :wink:

The best place to grapple is in nature! so in a large area is the BEST

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make a post about it if it is fun or interesting…include pics…people might enjoy that

So… where is Axon now?

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i will PM you

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better to lock this