Azjor Prime

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Here is my second planet. Azjor Prime.

Linked to Alycon.


These are the default colors, but I will be changing them as I customize.

Finalized colors

Silty Soil - Light sepia
Clay Soil - Hot Sepia
Peaty Soil - Dark Mustard
Mud - Black
Ash - Turquoise
Sponge - Cold Viridian
Verdant Grass - Hot Moss
Barbed Grass - Deep Viridian
Gnarled Grass - Strong Turquoise
Ancient Wood Trunk - Night Azure
Twisted Wood Trunk - Orange
Lustrous Wood Trunk - Black
Metamorphic Rock - Oxide Grey
Igneous Rock - Black
Sedimentary Rock - Luminous Red
Sand - Cool Tan
Gravel - Cool Grey
Ice - Bright Azure
Glacier - Vivid Azure
Gleam - Light Viridian
Gladeflower - Violet
Cloneflower - Warm Magenta
Spineflower - Lavender
Ghostflower - Turqouise
Trumpet Root - Warm Moss
Traveller’s Perch - Teal
Twisted Aloba - Green
Spineback Plant - Light Blue
Oortian’s Staff - Light Fuchsia
Rosetta Nox - Slate
Stardrop Plant - Light Viridian
Desert Sword - Light Lilac
Mottled Tar Spot Fungus - Deep Turquoise
Clustered Tongue Fungus - Warm Viridian
Branch Funnel Fungus - Silk Turqouise
Weeping Waxcap Fungus - Deep Slate
Glow cap fungus - vivid teal
tinted - burst fungus - viridian
lush foliage - light tan
exotic foliage - green
waxy foliage - vivid mint
tangle - strong azure
thorns - shadow cerulean
mould - silk teal
growth - stark viridian


Portal is now open for anyone that wants to come visit, explore, or gather.

Visit is enabled.
Edit is enabled.
Plot is disabled.

This portal is found at the Alcyon TNT portal hub in the same corner as Leper’s Mine.

Hey molav, are you going to renew this world? The shimmering orbs are amaaazing. My friend and I would love to buy fuel for you if you’re interested.

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Hi @dreamyraynbo, I was not planning on renewing it. But if you would like to buy fuel for it, then I would not decline the offer.

I will PM you the key so it can be applied.

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you can apply fuel to any world you have visited, it will show up in the list of options for worlds when you redeem a fuel.

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Is that true? I know you can fuel any world where you were the owner or have a beacon but I thought you had to be on the World to fuel it unless one of the other two conditions applied.


Ah, there may be some limitations set… I just know there are other players planets in my list when I apply world fuel to my own. More testing may be needed :sweat_smile:

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Thanks, folks, your input was very helpful! Azjor Prime lives for another month. :smile: