Bag off snowballds not in knowledge tab

cant find the snowballs in knowledge tab so i can find the shops that sell them
i tryd snowballs and bag off snowballs

It is annoying when special items are not in the knowledge tab. Last I checked, the Wayfarers Totem was not in the knowledge tab on PS4 so I couldn’t search to buy.

@the-moebius how many snowballs are you looking for? I have a lot still.

i just wanted a stock for my event shop is last item i looking for
anything you can part with princessmaude helped me track down a store and bones had some so i got one full inv now somehow mayumichu does have snowballs on her site but devs not lololol

I think it’s not there since you can’t craft them outside the event

could be but there should be there for the shop system i suppose


Let me know if you need some snowballs, I have some backstocked that I’d be willing to give you. :slight_smile:

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Snowballs show in the knowledge tab for me. Make sure you have filter set to none.


weird a few friends off mine could not find either need double check then

When I first checked it didn’t show. Then noticed filter was set to “able to craft” so changed filter to none and boom!


Is this alright now? As it has been pointed out, they will not be craftable outside an event, but they should be listed on the Knowledge GUI menu.

I did not check yet but I think it be OK need check that noncraftable filter