Bakers wanted!


Do you make a ton of Loafs but not enough coin?

Lemme know!
Sunlight City Has a particular shop that needs a baker :hugs:
Id pay a per loaf. Per stack. You name it.
You can even own the shop!
Even a weekly fee!
Just lemme know what you’re preferred deal is and we’ll see what we can do!


I wouldn’t mind it, honestly. bit surprised it’d only be loafs and not pies though.


Any particular loafs you are after?


Don’t you have one? I thought Lorelie had a shop there?


She has a Ikea shop yes! But no foods or anything. At least not yet, no idea of her plans lol


Just loafs! Some guild members love to use em and we hate finding them lol

As for types…
Persisting, teaching, Earthyam, invigorating, and pretty much any other that can be managed :hugs: like em all lol


I might be able to do something, though I don’t really have a decent farm just yet, so I’d take a little to get adjusted.

If it’d be too long a wait, I’d understand if it’s be better for someone else to take the shop spot. :joy:


Nothin wrong with taking your time!
I’d be happy to work somethin out with ya :hugs:
Shoot me a pm when ya got free time!