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:banana: BROs

New shop up at the Ultima Hub on Ersho. It is a split shop between me and my buddy @kemyobra. Come and check it out.

If has all your gathering items you can find. If you can’t find them then they have already sold out haha. As well as Forged tools and Weapons to help you on your daily tasks.

Keep an eye out for special one time offers as well as weekend deals because we will be throwing them out from time to time to spice things up. And if you need anything feel free to reach out through the mailbox and we’ll get back to you.

Let us know what you think. Stay Boundless everyone!


This place is bananas. 10/10 def recommend



Lamella sold out will restock this week :heart:

Just bumping the thread. A lot of forge talk out there lately and wanted to remind everyone about Banana Bros. Shop ran by me and @kemyobra. Store is split in two, my half is forged tools and his half is gathered goods.

Come check it out. Many options such as Spanners, Chisels, Gold Fist, Grapples, Slingbows, Loot Sticks, Solidifies, Gather tools, Liquid Breakers, and More.


T6 Speed and T6 Dura Hammers now in stock at Banana Bros @Ultima Hub on Eresho.

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