Banned players

If someone is banned. Can they still play on a world that isn’t connected to the boundless universe or they can’t leave the creative world or rented world?

AFAIK banned means banned altogether

Thank you @majorvex wasn’t sure where it should go

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But if it’s a creative world that you rent with real money separated from the game. Why can’t anyone banned or not play on that world you pay for with your money?

Creative has been connected to the rest of the universe. Devs would have to block chat, block warping to other players, block the friends list, block portals of any kind, hide the planet from other players, etc.

For now, the game is an MMO. If they ever make a local/single player, downloadable version, then players that can’t participate due to whatever reason, would be able to play the game by themselves.

Wonderstuck holds all rights to the game/software and reserves the right/ability to revoke access to anyone, for any reason, at anytime.

The only thing a banned player could do is appeal their ban - unless they already have & it was denied.


Oh ok. Wasn’t sure. So that makes renting a planet/world even less appealing because you could rent a world for 1-2 years and rub someone the wrong way and get banned and lose 1+ years of a rental world you already paid for.

Well just get new email and purchase new game and that would work. Just saying. Not endorsing this method


Unless they blacklisted someone’s HWID or they have a static IP :wink:

Devs might not be available to reply this weekend - might have to wait till Monday or Tuesday for a response from them.

If someone has been perma-banned & their appeal(s) have been denied, it’s probably best they just move on. The bridge has been burnt.

AFAIK you have to do pretty bad stuff


We in cancel culture so anything can be pretty bad lol hell DKP is donkey punch to me that’s hitting a female in the back of the head. No lie DKPunch was donkey punch before I ever knew you.

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It’s DK punch like the move in smash bros :frowning:
Also don’t be sexist you can donkey punch guys too


Ok so… still punching an unsuspecting person. No matter the ■■■ of that person getting punched in the back of the head. Not everyone played smash bros which is also sexual in nature so that’s still wrong

Excuse me for interfering. It’s interesting what you said. The “cancel culture” is starting to appear in my country. For this scourge consists in banishing reality for those who do not accept it instead of seeking to understand it, tame it, and face it. Intellectual approach that until now everyone had to master in their adult life. I’m curious to know if in a cute game like Boundless this phenomenon is reflected


I honestly hope it won’t be reflected as my name is a means to have my account canceled. But also if people find things offensive who is to say who is right or wrong when it’s only judged by the devs of the game. Not a community of people that play and the devs. And no forum moderators don’t count in my eyes as “the players”

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Ha ha, I wake up and I usually read sociological and cultural articles in the morning with my coffee. Among other things, I read online here on the forum. I’m not going to mix everything up, but it caught my eye. (Translated version)

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That’s what everyone should do. Not just say this is wrong so it’s wrong cuz I say so. Why should someone with freedom of speech be condemned for freedom of speech? This game is UK made so… what rules do people have to follow? UK/US/EU or other laws?

This game is getting to much oh I (popular play) says it’s an issue so it’s an issue. That’s honestly why I see so many old backers just saying nope done and fading away. Why fight it if you’re already castrated by the mob?

Freedom of speech doesn’t mean there’s no consequences for what you say. For instance, in law, people have the right to not be abused for many protected characteristics, such as race, gender, disability, etc. So if you freely express a racist diatribe at a black person, you can expect, and indeed, should expect legal ramifications.


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