Bark, bark .. and more bark (20c each)


Hello everyone … I have a lot of bark so I make a sale to 20 coins each. I have two bark displays in my shop.

You can find my store in shopping alley in Finata and in the US East Hub in Finata. The name of my portal is Quebec.

Thank you


20c you say …how many in stock?


More than 14 400


As in 16 full smart stacks? That is a lot of wood chopping.


Yes lol

10 caractère


I see why you have a lot of bark!!
you have like every colour of wood! :heart_eyes:

…aaaand I’m broke again. :stuck_out_tongue:


Also … a lot of sap lol


I bought 900 this morning. Thanks.


Quebec is always a shop I go by for wood and gleam, they have nice selection of almost anything. Highly recommended!


Any woof? I need some for my mass craft of puppies.