[Barus II] --[T6 - Fierce Corrosive Exoworld]--

Where can i meet you? Im at this one but of course there’s meteors here

My connection to Aus servers is horrid at the moment, can barely move between unstable connection interrupts.

I managed to drop a few in a stand though. 3 Different locations of ancient pools.


Thanks you so much

Here is another, 375, 1351 - I’ll put some tokens in the Exo Stations in a bit! Edit: Or not, since AirheadPaka forgot to actually SAVE the location. :flushed::woman_facepalming: If anybody wants this one though, let me know, I’ll return and get it. :slight_smile:

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If anyone is interested - Illuminaughty (iLLn) has an “exo-info-shuttle” discord channel now.

Here you can discuss exo locations, info, and questions, ride requests, ride offers/invites, etc.

If you’re interested in joining the channel, you can join iLLn’s discord (I hope) with this link:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I will probably post this on each exo’s forum page (only once) for a while, just so people know about it. It’s not intended as any sort of “guild advertisement,” nor is it at all intended to replace the forums or the exo shuttle guild/chat in-game - just to be another helpful resource for anyone who wants/needs a more reliable/responsive chat.

I hope that others may find this helpful as well. :slight_smile:

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