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One thing I like about the Blink exos is that you can find the regular gems in some of the same places - last two pics, these were right by each other. :smiley:

Edit: Deleted my other post after this one, if anybody saw that - I went back and confirmed from another video the blink has always blinked… never noticed it before, guess I destroyed it too quickly :flushed:

And yeah, I died right after pic three. :flushed:


Damn will be all mined out by time I finish work. :sob::sob:


I honestly doubt it lol. There is usually a good amount left even towards the end of the Lucent planets. Just have to contend with the planet being swiss cheese hahahah


So much more deadly than even the most dangerous landscapes :laughing: i fell down so many player dug pits mining Umbris on the last exo
But yeah even days after spawn there tends to be hot spots left, just takes a little longer


Nah, like @blinvir said, some areas will be Swiss cheese, but this one has a lot of hotspots, should be some good areas left right to the end I think. :slight_smile: Even the last Umbris world, which had smaller hotspots, had good areas left on the last day. I prefer to mine around alt 16 (lava surface level often I’ve found) but I get into a torn up area, I’ll go a little bit higher and low as the mantle, that is the range for it.

I’m so addicted to Boundless that even though Torchlight 2 comes out on console today - got my PS4 in rest mode waiting, I’ve waited a long time to play it - I’m thinking I’m still going to make another Blink run first. :wink: (And I’m still wondering how I never noticed the Blink flashing… sheesh I’m oblivious at times)

Anyways, these are great worlds to get rich off of - even without the Blink I get great hauls from the Blink worlds, tons of ore, fossils, and regular gems often. :slight_smile:


Which planet is closest for me to warp from?


Shedu Tier - it will cost 3,400c. You’ll need that warp distance skill maxed. And for T7s like this the appropriate atmospheric protection.

Might be able to catch a “taxi” though, keep an eye out on here, sometimes people will offer free rides. :slight_smile:

For mining, the T7s are easy enough to survive on once underground, just watch the lava! :wink: I’ve told this story before but one time I stopped to mess with my music and someone barreling through dumped lava on my head, haha.


Level 7! Wow hope I can survive for more than a few minutes :rofl::rofl: and that’s crazy, lava rain :joy:


Since I don’t spec for defense (at least on my mining page, which I use there), I get killed by mobs just as quickly on a T5 as T7. :flushed: I do have max control and shadowstep, and they don’t seem to aggro too much easier on the T7s. When exploring the surface I just try to avoid mobs, except to take potshots at Roadrunners. :wink:

I find my deaths on exos more connected to the terrain type. The ones with lots of holes or ridges over lava, I’ll die a ton. Though sometimes I get unlucky and have a meteor hit close, and get repeatedly killed by mobs from it when I come back in and try to run away. But if there isn’t weird terrain, and I’m mining, I won’t die much if at all at those times.

Keep an eye out for the dormant meteorites, they’re well worth looting on them. Just got a piece of Umbris off one this morning.


Yeah I’ve got quite a bit of stuff from dormant meteors. Will I need a diamond hammer for T7? Terrain is a ballache, I died 3 times on the hunt due to falling down big holes. :rofl:


It is better to have them, but I actually tested it a little on one of the Rift exos not too long back, and at least with my build, using Aenea’s 2399c titanium 3x3 hammers really wasn’t THAT much slower than a gem 3x3. It is noticeable but to me it didn’t seem really big. Less stamina usage too. So if wanting to go on a budget it is certainly an option - though, I’m not sure if, with the extra swinging needed, the cost difference in the hammers (assuming 9-10k for gem) might be offset there because of the durability difference and faster loss. Hmm. :thinking:


Where is Aeneas shop? I do have 2 topaz hammers, treated myself with the money I made from selling my oort stones so may just use them.


Nova Golda - although last check she was out of the titanium, you can always ask here, and she has budget gem 3x3s as well- :slight_smile:

Other good options for tools are The Golden Fist and the Reapers’ stores (a good one in Legendville Mall, sometimes buy there).

Also, I’m doing well right now - I’ll drop off a diamond 3x3 when I get home today on one of those tower plinths. :wink:


That’s a good price for gem hammers. :grin: And that would be great, I’m doing another hunt today hopefully, that’s if anyone shows up cos last nights only 5 people turned up, so I’d be happy to give you some oort in trade. Oh just looked at the pics, that’s where I bought my other hammers.


That’s ok, just happy to help! :slight_smile: But thanks!!


Whelp, I’m 15hrs too late for this party :stuck_out_tongue:

Then again, it mostly seems if you’re an hour late it’s already over :thinking:


You’re only too late if you are looking for a lot easy petrolim. Should still be some in caves and there seemed to be an okay amount of blink on the planet with lots of hotspots.


Does anyone have cords for a good growth spot? I’ve only been able to find small groups of about 5 lol.


Went back again and still got plenty of blink!
I didn’t get more because I ran out of hammers you can see me in the last pic trying to get the last blink with my fist lol .