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I do have some budget 3x3 hammers for around 4 to 5k… Gem ones…

Will also start up the forge in a bit for both more gem hammers and titanium :slight_smile: they always go so fast the titanium!

Should be done in an hour!

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Found a fairly decent place to farm ancient wood


So I went to Baruum, and it was well worth it. I was careful where I placed my location, and I was good to go, I dug myself a nice deep hole and started mining. I took a chance at the spot I warped to and I was able to snag some blink (close to the mantel), as well as rubies, diamonds, lots of silver, and some titanium. I also liked the rock so I feel I had a productive mining expedition.

I have 5s in all the atmospheric protections so all was well. I used my a combo of diamond, topaz and sapphire hammers which I forge myself and they all did well. I used fast brews, and was able to do well on my first Tier & Exoworld. I even ran into a friend. I will go again just to see if I can get more blink. I only got 34 which is more than I had (0)!


A few more shots, and yep, still plenty of goodies left here. :wink:


Cool that you play on ps4

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Found your meteor crash in petroleum. Petroleum was gone and somebody scalped the meteor.


does anyone have the coordinates for gleam?

I found some in clusters under water / in lakes.

Baruum is officially gone at this point.

It will be missed. This was a good blink planet.

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Bummer, was just going to mine on it.

My hunger for t7 mining, cant be satiated

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