Base on Circarpous Regenerating Fast


came across a base that is 3/4 gone. 1358N -50E

I would beacon it for the owner but it is too far gone.

There is some black brick, gleam, storage containers, food, refined rock, etc. if anyone needs any. better hurry though…it is going fast.


That’s the 8-9th base I’ve seen/heard of falling to regen this week :frowning:


You got me at food when I saw the thread earlier, and I would have checked it out but far too tired. Still, curious, what was the place like?


I haven’t gone scavenging in a long time. Maybe it’s time again.


This is the third large base I have seen go down in a week, sad times! Found a storage box with some Hopper cores so it was worth the trip, thanks for the heads up OP!


It is right on the edge most PS4 EA 6 month GC expiration period. I know mine has expired and I have decided to just go with greater beacon fuel for the time being.


It looked like it might have been a great base at one time. Pretty large with 2 or 3 good sized buildings. By the time I saw it looked like it had been deteriorating for quite some time.

kind of sad


It happens… Just part of the game. I got lucky 2 months in to playing and spotted a base/shop that just started decaying. It turned out to be quite profitable to me in the noobish state I had worked up to. Take the loot and enjoy.


like human civs - cities grow and then fall; so do empires…

universe doesn’t care; it spirals out and keeps going


Someone made the suggestion that dead builds be added to the world as perm ruins, that would be awesome.


I say do not have any regeneration for like 7 days… alot more opportunities for people to claim a build to keep or to take the resources. Its sad when a build is like swiss cheese in a few hours that may have taken 100s of hours to build.


I doubt that the devs would do that. There was a lot of problems with so many players wanting to go and mine for resources but when they went there was nothing left and had to wait for the ores and gems to regen and often those who knew where the hot spots were would get there and clean the area out before others could.

Imagine that you have to work and everything is cleaned out of a area you want to mine emeralds. It is cleaned out on Wed, when you have to work overtime. It gets cleaned out before you have even worked two hours. Do want to wait a week for it to regen and then same thing happens? That was a common occurrence and many were upset that there was never anything for some to get because of the long wait on regen.

I doubt the program could tell the difference between buildings and ores in the ground. I could be wrong, but it probably would be a lot of work to rewrite that info.


Personally I like the way the worlds eat up what is left behind and uncared for. By uncared for I mean that if people had cared or were involved with builds they would know a person wasn’t active and to keep an eye out on things.

There’s a slight window where the passerby or vigilant hawk can reap the rewards but I find that to be charming part of the game. It’s a cold hard reality. It’s one of those in game consequences that is nice to have, I think.