(basket removed) - Hide, Mantle and Bones

hello, I added several basket in Yamaska, DK Mall and Gyosha Mall to buy hide 3c, Creature Mantle 8c and bones 7c … I will surely add more soon

  • Yamaska - You can find Yamaska by Portal Seeker Grovidias, DK’s Ultima Tree, Legendton and TNT Megahub by using the portal of Minorengle or the one named Yamaska

  • Gyosha Mall - 08 3rd Street

  • DK Mall - E0

Thank you :slight_smile:


I have some Mantel for you xD


Nicel. Sold you 5 stacks of hide, and 1 stack of creature mantle and a handlful more not in the SS.

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bone prices increased to 7c

Thank you

Basket removed