Be able to sell/trade guild endeavour?

thoughts on this?
will it be possible to do?
as a mostly single person in my guild its pretty hard to gain guild endeavour
i’m pretty sure i’m not alone and using alts to gain it should not be the way to do?
maybe new ways to earn it? maybe you could earn it as well by online time? its just an idea.
or transfers between your own guilds
or increase its weekly limit

overall i want to see some changes on the endeavour


I’m for this. People who are running alt factions, or even just a solo guild to then get buffs going, it’s pretty hard unless you run the guild for awhile with no backing or support. I would see a great benefit for this for guilds like Portal Seekers, or Ultima, or guilds of the past that may not be around anymore, they can use the guild endevor or ‘transfer’ it to alliance guilds? Not so much an item itself, but maybe make an alliance to the guild and then you can transfer endevor.

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I’ve been considering switching characters into our personal guild the day before buff reset on our larger guild (that we’re in mostly just for buffs), and then switching back in time for buffs, just so we can build up a bit of a stockpile of endeavor for when we want to do our own thing. Being able to buy/trade/something it would be a great idea!


This is why I run my guild the way I do. You have to set your active guild to ours and align your beacons to the guild. If your found to not be doing so and it is proveable we have a conversation and if your spending more time aligned to another guild and you dont want to switch back we remove you. Not being mean by any means but everyone should contribute to the guilds endeavor to help make sure that buffs can be ran consistantly!

I like the concept of being able to have multiple guilds but it does create an issue when trying to gain endevour.

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I have 86k endeavor. Is that a lot?

I’d give you guys some if I could

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Yes that is a lot

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@whitelet and I created several alts and smelt metals for endeavor when we didn’t have many guild members. The alts don’t need to have mass craft epic to do the smelt thing – just put in ores and fuels and hit start. If I remember this right, 6ss irons (fewer with silver/gold/titanium) with teaching pie can generate over 50k exp – hit the 500 endeavor limit.

It’s a lot to run three lv3 buffs but manageable by two accounts.

And lv3 grapple&run, lv2 spark and builder is manageable by one account

Hope this helps before this game gives a better solution xD


When i was playing I bought a sale key and would try and cycle 19 characters every week.

Oort extraction, yam cooking, smelting, and also processing ancient vital is a good one.

Since I would only run Super Spark and Wear mostly, I wound up building enough endeavour to do things like run Mega Grapple and Run for events or whatever.

Currently idle, for the most part. My solo guild has 155,575 endeavour stored :rofl:

There has been at least one thread about this in the past, I would love to be able to buy/sell/trade endeavour.

Being able to select a guild and donate endeavour to a non-primary guild would be good as well.