Be random about boundless

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I can’t ever figure out which stack of hammers has my liquid breaker! :joy:


probably same place I keep mine, the last stack you look in :+1:


I just keep a liquid breaker on me since I got sick of losing them. I probably have 8 more scattered around.

I like liquid breaker shovels too


Scooping the water with your liquid breaker only to look closer at the water and realize its jello


I always get to a water farm, and then either realize my water breaker is not a water breaker, or that it is not 3x3.:joy:


It’s clear to me now … placing trapdoors in a row is just not actually possible … it’s fine, it’s fine … I’ll just cry into my failure.


it is fine, inhabitants of biitula left some space on other side.


time to summon a Biitula clone?



I’m always happily surprised how many sovreigns people splash out on.

If anyone ever doubts the validity of virtual “stuff” I’ll try to remember this, because it’s essentially buying (and renting, tbf) something that might end up meaning something to you, and definitely to others.

Lest we forget that HOST’s XP portals are basically a mainstay of first timer development. :slight_smile:

Thats when you dropkick your controller lol

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Your comment reminds me about [the existance] of nft digital artwork marketplace…

Ouch. :wink:

Well, jokes aside, I certainly don’t mean it in THAT horrific sense. :sweat_smile:

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Let’s not have that discussion here.

Um ok?

“Insert random boundless comment here”

Edit: on second thought.

“Insert random boundless comment about forging here”

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You know how when you were little and you’d stay at your grandparents’ house with your cousins being gratuitously rowdy in the basement late at night - fighting with and consequently breaking pool cues, rocking pinball machines, ripping the fake grapes off that stupid wreath and having trench wars with them as ammo - then your grandma would suddenly be standing among you, fuming with ire…

I’ve finally come to realize she was in the sanctum watching us through the warp.


My grandparents lived and still live a few states away. Never had that experience.


That particular basement was a couple states away. I’d only see those cousins once or twice a year.

I’m sad to hear you’ve never been reamed out by your grandma lol. It’s been a running joke ever since that she’ll appear whenever we’re doing something dumb.

For real someone warped to me last night and I was like “grandma?”

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Being on the headset with a couple other people, talking about animal droppings, when I get to the subject of hopper cores, instead it came out of my mouth as copper whores. Everyone died laughing. And now we still call them copper whores to this day. So glad they were my friends and not total strangers haha